Friday, April 24, 2020

Friday Femulations

Presenting at Hamvention, May 2019
My thrush has cleared up to the point that I was able to resume my morning beauty routine which I had abandoned when thrush sores appeared around my mouth (in addition to in my mouth and on my tongue).

I am still on meds and will finish the prescription on Sunday. They did the job, but I will be glad when I am done with them because they occasionally upset my stomach.

At the peak of the thrush, I lost 11 pounds. I assumed that once I was able to eat and drink normally again that I would regain some of that weight. I was correct and regained 4 pounds, but have managed to keep off 7 pounds. Needless to say, I am happy with that weight loss.

I’m waiting on the delivery of another new outfit I ordered from JustFab and as soon as it is delivered, I will be ready to do a photoshoot of all the new attire I acquired recently.

As I mentioned previously, a number of events I planned to attend were cancelled or postponed due to the Trump Virus. However, one of the postponed events, Transgender Lives: The Intersection of Health and Law Conference, started weekly Zoom teleconferences featuring some of the folks who were scheduled to speak at the conference. And they asked me to present “Crossdressing Successfully in the Real World” – time and date is to be determined. It will probably be in early June; I will let you know as soon as I know.

The conference is Connecticut TransAdvocacy Coalition’s (CTAC) biggest fundraising event of the year and having to postpone means a significant decrease in funding to support CTAC's mission. So please consider donating to help CTAC continue their work making sure that Connecticut is a safe and affirming place for trans and gender non-conforming individuals through education and social advocacy! Please consider making a donation; click here to do so.

Source: Ann Taylor
Wearing Ann Taylor

Jan Cina
Jan Cina femulates Nada Urbankova on Czech television’s Tvoje tvář má známý hlas.
You can view the femulation on YouTube.

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  1. Thank you Stana for your comments on CTAC, we are a non-profit and the Board of Directors and the Executive Director are all volunteers, we do it for the love of the community. Our only expenses are our operation costs (insurance, Survey Monkey, etc.), which are normally covered by the conference sponsors. We charge $25 for the conference which we waver with no questions asked (If you are a social worker we add $25 to cover the cost of filing for Continuing Education Credits (CEC)).