Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Who's Better Looking?

In response to my invitation to Ask Me Anything, B wrote, "Does your wife ever think that you are better-looking than her when you are en femme because you do scrub up amazingly well?!"

My will wife criticize how I look en femme usually commenting on my hemline (too short), my hair color (too blonde) or my size (too big to pass). However, she has never mentioned that I am better-looking than her.

She is a pretty woman, however, our sense of fashion could not be more different. She usually wears jeans and a plain top with no makeup. The last time she wore high heels was when she marched down the aisle.

Dresses and heels are what I wear and I am always fully made-up. So, it is not fair to compare us because we dress so differently. On the other hand, I think I compare favorably with women who dress like I do.

Source: New York & Company
Wearing New York & Company (Source: New York & Company)

Karl Cruz
Karl Cruz, homecoming queen at Sweetwater Union High School in National City, California


  1. Even if I thought I were pettier than my wife, I would never say it! We've been together as a couple since we met in high school 50 years ago, and you can't last that long by making stupid statements like that. :-)

  2. My wife's one and constant comment is - "Make sure your boobs aren't bigger than mine."

  3. Sure enjoy your picture on the upper right and like that you rotate them occasionally. Also thanks for continuing the blog and using things from all of us as you can.

  4. Since coming out it has been one of my golden rules to never be more glamorous than my wife, since we split up and she has now started to bring her boyfriend to my concerts I am now failing at that golden rule like so many others!