Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Wednesday Wanders

The Chicken or the Egg Dept.

In her blog post yesterday, Rhonda asked, "Is it the dressing in woman's clothing or is it being female?"

In my case, I was attracted to the clothing. But I was a boy, so why did I want to wear girl's clothing?

Maybe because I was really a girl.

Read Rhonda's post and and you can wonder, too.

Paint It Black Dept.

After my Thunderball post on Monday, Kathe informed me that a 1985 episode of Moonlighting featured black veiled outfits similar to what the widow/Colonel Bouvar wore in Thunderball.

I was a fan of the show (I wanted to femulate Cybill Shepherd), but I did not recall that episode, "The Lady in the Iron Mask." So I followed Kathe's link to YouTube, watched the episode and found half the cast wearing black widow drag including Bruce Willis!

In Your Dreams Dept.

I can go weeks without remembering my dreams and then I will have two or three days in a row when I am able to recall everything. I am in that latter mode right now.

I am en femme in most of my dreams and I find it interesting that in some dreams, I am aware that I am crossdressing and in other dreams, I am not crossdressing, rather I am a woman.

Source: Boston Proper
Wearing Boston Proper (Source: Boston Proper)

Jill Catherine Smith
Jill Catherine Smith "loves my blog" and I love her style!


  1. I NEVER dream I'm a woman. For that matter I don't dream I'm a man. But when I wake up I notice my long hair, breasts, and hips.

    I guess everybody's different.

  2. This is very interesting. Since realising rather late in life that I have a gender issue, I have had occasional ‘gendered’ dreams. I am always female because that is who I am. I can change age and geographical location but not my gender.