Monday, September 10, 2018

If the Shoe Fits

I learned long ago that women's shoe sizes are all over the map. Sizes not only vary between shoe manufacturers, but the shoe sizes from the same manufacturer may also vary.

That being said, the best way to find shoes that fit is to go to a shoe store and try on the shoes in person.

That being said, sometimes you cannot go to a shoe store and have to buy shoes online size unseen. Such is the case with my most recent shoe purchases.

Recently, I had a hankering for a pair of gold high heel pumps and JustFab had just what I needed at a sales price of $21. JustFab is an online store with no brick and mortar presence, so I could not try on the shoe before purchasing it. I ordered a pair in my size (12, the largest size JustFab offers) and crossed my fingers until USPS delivered.

I also had a hankering for white ankle boots with a kitten heel and Payless had just what I needed at a sales price of $18. Payless has many brick and mortar stores in my neck of the woods, but checking their website, I could not find a local store that had the boots in my size. I ordered a pair in my size online and crossed my fingers until FedEx delivered.

USPS and FedEx delivered with different results.

JustFab's size 12 high heels were too small. I managed to squeeze my feet into the shoes, but the fit was so tight that there was no way I could walk in them comfortably for any length of time. USPS will return my shoes to JustFab for a refund.

Payless' size 12 boots fit perfectly. Not too loose and not too tight — they were just right!

And so it goes.

Update: I forgot to mention that JustFab shoes run small, so if you are a size 12 like me, you will probably find JustFab's size 12's too small (and 12 is the largest size they offer).

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Source: New York and Company
Wearing New York and Company (Source: New York and Company)

Femulator, circa 1900
Femulator, circa 1900

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  1. Femulator c1900. Is none other than 'Fanny Graham' AKA Frederick Park. Infamous London pair of female impersonators and stage actresses, Boulton and Park tried in 1870 for prostitution and found not guilty.