Thursday, September 27, 2018

War on Us

Nearly two years ago, Dallas Denny wrote "The Rise and Fall of the Weimar Transvestites and the Threat to Our Own Trans Community." 

In the article, Dallas wrote how the "flourishing and innovative Weimar transvestite community came to a crashing end with Adolph Hitler’s rise to power." And how "Our trans community and many other American communities face the same grave threat."

Since the publication of Dallas' article, we have seen how emboldened by our fake president's "War on Transgenders," there has been a rise in violent crime against our community and an increase by so-called Christian groups to pass legislation that will remove the rights and protections we have won under more progressive leaders.

I pray that we will be able to turn the tide in the upcoming mid-term elections, but I fear that our president will again ask his keepers in the Kremlin to fix the election results in his favor. 

Source: Metrostyle
Wearing Metrostyle (Source: Metrostyle)

BiancaXBoom also know as Daniel femulating in a Dollie Dress (Source: Deviantart)


  1. Stana -

    I've been concerned about this for a while and have written a few articles about it in my blog. The articles below are a sample of what I've written.

    If the Democrats get control of at least one chamber of Congress, Trump/Pence and their henchmen will be stopped for now. If not, we have a lot to worry about, as they will likely cement their hold on SCOTUS and the lower courts. Hopefully, we and others like us will vote this evil tribe out of congress in November....


  2. Meanwhile.... back at the hearings, the FIX is IN!

  3. Although I am writing a comment as non-US citizen I hope you will not be offended. I sincerely hope that your prayers are answered.

    Now to the important business. I just adore the red and white dress.

  4. There is counter argument. Cross dressing squelches toxic masculinity which is getting a lot of discussion lately.

  5. I'll worry when Trump/Pence shut down Femulate.

    Keep clutching those pearls!

    Also, actual stats on the rising violence would be nice...

    1. Here are the "actual stats":

  6. Janet YbarraSeptember 28, 2018

    It's not just the federal level...voters have to vote for trans friendly politicians and laws. That's where all these so-called bathroom bills come from. State laws need to be updated so they recognize gender identity as a protected class in civil rights law.

    1. Ruh Roh, losing LGBTQ followers...

  7. Stana, the article you linked to states that in the five years from 2013 to 2017 there have been 102 homicides of transgender individuals. The article's headline and body call this an 'epidemic of violence'.

    No doubt each one of those murders is a tragedy for the victim and their family, and a terrible loss, but I think that description, as a statement of fact rather than opinion, is unwarranted, if not hyperbolic.

    For perspective, if we look at the larger data set of murder statistics in the U.S. over that same 5 year period, we see that the FBI reports that there were 78,900 homicides.

    102 divided by 78,900 gives us a value of .0013 which is slightly more than 1 murder victim per 1000 people. That percentage is very close to the estimated American transsexual population of about .001 (see the Williams Institute data estimates).

    The conclusion I draw from that comparison is that transgenders are being killed at virtually the same rate as the population in general. Now one could say that there is an 'overall' epidemic of violence the U.S. but if so then we have to acknowledge that the epidemic has been going on for so long that it's routine. Terrible, but it is the reality.

    I understand the motivation of the promoters of the epidemic theory but a dispassionate examination of the data sheds light on the actual situation.

    Lesley Anne

    1. What jumped out to me is:

      "86 percent of the victims were black, Hispanic or Native American".

      I think Femulaters in the Northeast are safe...