Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Man of the House

Awhile back, I promoted a series of posts called "Ask Me Anything," in which I answered questions submitted by readers of the blog. Although I am always willing to answer readers' questions, I have not promoted that fact lately, so consider this post an invitation to ask me anything again.

To renew my invitation, I am rerunning the following Ask Me Anything questions about my relationship with my wife.

Emily: Are you the husband at home in a conventional role?

Yes, I am the “conventional” man of the house.

Dani: Assuming you and your wife still make love together, do you do it as a man and a woman? Or as two women?

Physically, as a man and a woman. Mentally, as a woman in my mind. I have no idea what is going on in my wife's mind.

Pat: Does your wife completely accept you as a femulator?

Rhonda: How much does your spouse accept Stana in her life?  In other words, does she go out with Stana, buy Stana gender appropriate gifts and do you (as Stana) and she socialize with other TG/CDs?

My wife accepts the fact that I am a femulator, but she does not embrace it completely. She does not go out with Stana, does not buy Stana gender-appropriate gifts and does not socialize with my trans acquaintances.

However, if she sees something trans-related in the newspaper or on television that she thinks might be of interest, she will call my attention to it. Also, whenever we go shopping, she encourages me to shop for Stana, too.

Rhonda: As a follow-on question, have you and she agreed on limits to Stana's activities? If so, please share.

We have not agreed to limits. In fact, we have never discussed limits, but I have put my own limits on Stana's activities; instead of being en femme full-time, I am en femme much less often.

Rhonda: Also, if so, does she waiver and occasionally want less Stana in your and her relationship?

My wife would be happy if Stana was completely eliminated from our lives.  

Lisa: I am wondering if it is concern for your entire family's feelings that motivates you not to go full time.

Absolutely. My wife married a man. I am committed to her and my marriage and try to fulfill that role as a husband as best as I can.

Lisa: I always put my wife and family first, so my second question is whether you think some TG people are being self-centered for failing to take into account the needs and feelings of their loved ones.

Again, absolutely. The spouse is often forgotten and left behind in the dust.

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Noor Talbi


  1. All good questions...even better answers

  2. Totally agree with you Stana! Were someone to ask me those questions, I would give them exactly the same reply

  3. I'm the man of the house. And I wear dresses when I'm home. That's what I wear when I answer the door. I remember a time when a couple of LDS (Mormon) "elders" - young men coming to the door wearing their white shirts and black ties. That was quite interesting.