Thursday, September 20, 2018

Summer's Fading Fast

Some of the trees in my neck of the woods are starting to change color. And a few outliers are already shedding their leaves.

Where did the summer go? It sure came and went fast! And is gone for good on Saturday.

Seems like I spent the summer going to doctors, cleaning the garage and watching the Red Sox. Not much femulating and this girl is anxious to get out!

My leg has healed enough so that what remains to heal can be hidden under my pantyhose or thigh high stockings. And instead of being embarrassed about my varicose-veined leg, now I can be happy that my left leg matches my right leg, not to mention no more vein pain.  

I'd love to go to Fantasia Fair next month, but it is not in the cards. My wife can't handle all the walking that the Fair requires and I am loathe to leave her at home alone for a week or even a half-week. I wish the Fair had day rates and then I'd go up to P-Town for a day or two to see my friends and take in some of the Fair's events.

All is not lost. I look forward to girl days and nights out and about in Connecticut this fall.

Source: Boston Proper
Wearing Boston Proper (Source: Boston Proper)

Contestant in the VAIOTS womanless beauty pageant at Southwestern University PHINMA. (Source: Cheryl)


  1. Stana -

    I also wish the fair had day rates. I could go for a day or two. But I couldn't afford the week these days. Sadly, I'm on vacation during this year's Fair, so it's not even an option for me this year.


  2. Well there are a few things this month that you might want to go to...
    RAW Creative Cocktail in October (September is tonight)
    Lunch, I am going to try again to get the group to out for lunch.
    There is the LGBT Senior Center in September (which I can't make) and October which I am going to.

  3. Also, COS Wednesday meeting in October will be a Halloween Costume Contest.

  4. Maybe a friend or two would like to split the week....