Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Do blondes have more fun?

In response to my Ask Me Anything post, Pricilla sent me the following e-mail:
Hi Stana,
I have wondered why you chose to change your hair color from Blonde to Brown?? Don't Blondes have more fun!!!
You continue to look great.
Thank you for the question and the kind words!

I changed my hair color because I needed a change. (Isn't it a woman's prerogative to change her hair color?)

When I began seriously dressing as a woman, that is, not for a Halloween costume, I usually wore an red wig. Although my natural hair color was brown, I wore red because my parents always claimed that I was born a redhead and remained a redhead during my early years. So when I was choosing a wig color, I figured red might work since I started here as a redhead. Turned out that I liked myself as a redhead and wore various shades of red for years.

I finally went over to the light side in 2006 after hosting a support group meeting at a wig store (Tonkin's in Waterbury). As the hostess, I brought the snacks, played mother hen and had no intention of buying a new wig.

When the proprietor, Kathy Tonkin was finished bewigging the other girls, she said to me, "Your turn."

I thought, "What the heck" and told Kathy to work her magic on me.

Minutes later, she fitted a short blond wig on my head. When I looked in the mirror, I loved what I saw and I became a blonde.

I have been a blonde for the past 12 years... different shades of blonde, different hair styles, but always blonde. But I was getting a little bored with being a blonde and decided to try something different.

And so it goes.

Wearing Tibi blazer and skirt, L'Agence Daniella cami, Lente Danse bag (Source:

Source: Pinterest
Before and After (Source: Pinterest)


  1. As I always say: Blondes can have as much fun as anybody else; blondes, simply, just ARE more fun! :-)

  2. Love your brunette look!

  3. Check out the first of the two 'Pintrest' photos....
    MOM is growing FINGERS out of her left shoulder!

    1. I assumed those fingers belonged to the older girl wrapping her arm around the woman's back.

    2. I think that's just some detail on the wall or photograph behind her. I'd love to see where these came from; an image search doesn't work because of the combined photos.

    3. Pretty sure those are my daughter's fingers.

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  5. Maybe, but judging from the size of the arm of the first child, in the other paragraph, the scale seems off.. V.

  6. All of your face photos are great. You have that wonderful smile set off by the great job you do on your lips.

  7. The femulator in question is Lt. Colonel Bryan/Bree Fram, an out and visible member of the USAF.