Monday, November 7, 2016

Fill It Up

As I mentioned in my live blog on Halloween, I stopped at a gas station to fill up before I drove to work.

“I went to the gas station I normally go to. There were no other customers, so I pulled up to the gas pump I usually use, filled up and walked inside to pay up.

“The woman who runs the place recognized my car, so she knew who I was underneath my feminine finery, but she said I looked ‘spectacular’ and that she would date me!”

So on Saturday, I returned to the gas station for my car’s weekly fill-up and touched base with the woman who runs the place.

She said she did recognize my car when I pulled up to the pump, but she did not recognize the woman driving it! She assumed someone else was driving my car.

While I was pumping gas, I waved to her and she thought that I looked familiar, but she was clueless until went inside to pay up and asked, “Do you know who I am?”

Only then did she figure me out.

On Saturday, she again praised me for my “costume,” asked how my feet put up with heels all day long and added that I could get a job as a drag queen in Kinky Boots!

Source: Veronica Beard
Wearing Veronica Beard.

Dale Carmen
Dale Carmen femulates on stage in The Silver Cord (2013).


  1. Stana, you do not do drag, Stan does drab when you dress as him....

  2. A job as a drag queen? that's almost an insult

    1. I don't believe she was insulting me. I think she thought I looked so good that I could be a professional femulator, but she probably isn't familiar with the term "professional femulator," so she used a term that she was familiar with (drag queen) without its negative connotations.

  3. She meant it as a compliment, I'm sure. The uninitiated can only relate to what we do in terms they understand. The few friends with whom I have shared photos of Julie usually share the same initial reaction - laughter. They go on to tell me how good I look, how nice my legs are, and the usual "how can you walk in those heels?" (if the person is a woman I throw the last question back at them). My other favorite is when a woman friend admires Julie in person and ask if they can touch my breasts. I tell them, "Turnabout is fair play"!

    1. I love your"turnabout" reply! I will have to remember that.