Wednesday, November 2, 2016

More Women at Work

Two Femulate readers went to work as women on Halloween, Alison and Patty O. Their stories follow and their photos are below in the Femulator slot.


I decided to partake in what I affectionately call, "Take Your Authentic Gender To Work Day." I dressed en femme as Alison. I wore a long skirt from Dress Barn, along with a two-layer top by Studio 1940. My shoes were simple black flats, along with knee socks. And since it was Halloween, I wore earrings that looked like jack o' lanterns. The accompanying picture was taken by our office manager.

Since I had an issue to take care of at a transmitter site (I'm a broadcast engineer), I initially wore my usual boy "costume" in the morning. But I when I got back to the office before noon, I changed into my "office girl" outfit. In the afternoon, I attended a small Halloween party in the break room. The reactions from my co-workers was all positive and supportive.

After leaving work at the end of the day, I stopped to get gas. Then as previously arranged, picked up my wife at home and we went out for dinner at a local Mexican restaurant.

I can hardly wait until next Halloween to be able to do this again!

Patty O

Like Stana, I love to dress at work on Halloween. After doing it for several years, it’s fun to see how accepting my colleagues are. The women accept me as a part of their conversations, complimenting me on my makeup, and admiring my boots and skirt. Even the guys are more accepting.

Usually for Halloween I dress up in a costume that I might wear as a woman at work, so I’ve dressed in Goth black, and Junior High School Assistant principal skirt suit (now that is scary!), but this year I decided to just dress as I would have as a woman in my job. I spent a few days watching what the other women were wearing and decided that I would dress on the femme side of average. I chose a classic suede skirt and found some boots on sale at DSW, I’m still looking for a perfect tight sweater to show off my curves better and I see a shopping trip in my future.

One of my fashionista friends commented that my look reminded her of her 4th grade teacher. That made me smile since I am a teacher, then she added "...and I thought she dressed sexy." That made me laugh out loud. I find I smile and laugh a lot when I’m dressed.

On my way home I stopped at my local mall to browse the stores. I noticed that I was being checked out by other shoppers and sales associates as well and received warm smiles and hellos. I also swung by my hair salon to show off my look. The stylsts beamed with pleasure when they finally figured out who I was. My usual stylist loved my choice of hair style. The women in the chairs beamed wonderful smiles at me as well.

It was another fun day en femme and it makes me look forward to more in the future.

Source: Bazaar
Wearing Lucky dress and booties.

Alison at work

Patty O
Patty O at work


  1. Es hermoso nacer niña te exigen menos=hueles a perfune y vestis de todos los colores que te gusten y te pones flores y moños y nadie ofendes con la belleza==ser niño es todo lo contrario feo ,rudo,oscuro!! No gay pero adoro lo femenino!! envian fotos de su 1ra ves e historias

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