Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Old Spy Films

Over the weekend, I watched two Michael Caine Harry Palmer spy films for the first time: The Ipcress File and Funeral in Berlin. Both were very good and Funeral had a trans moment that I was not expecting.

The scene lasts about five minutes and takes place in a Berlin drag bar whose employees and customers include femulators. There were about a half dozen femulators in the scene and it immediately brought to mind Eldorado.

New American Pickers Episode

I collect stuff and as a result, I regularly watch American Pickers on History Channel. "The show follows antique and collectible pickers Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz who travel around the United States to buy or 'pick' various items for resale, for clients, or for their own personal collections," according to Wikipedia.

New episodes air Mondays and in this past Monday's episode ("The Greatest Pick on Earth"), the Mike and Frank picked a huge collection of sideshow artifacts. When the guys showed up at the site of the collection, they meet a woman who is the sister of the deceased magician who collected the artifacts. She revealed that there is a fellow on the premises, who assisted the magician, but he is transgender, so she suggests they call him "Mary."

They meet Mary and she helps the guys pick through the collection. She also discusses how she participated in the sideshow business.

I was very surprised to see a trans person on this show, which tends to be testosterone centric. The guys seemed OK with Mary. No untoward comments were made about her, but I could not help noticing that at the end of the show, Mike hugged the magician's sister, but shook hands with Mary.

Source: Eloquii
Wearing Eloquii.

Edda Edda
Edda Edda, a professional femulator (Berlin, circa 1930)


  1. I have often found that Guys treat me properly, use the right pronouns and all that, but I do still get the handshake. I wonder if it some underlying discomfort about hugging what they still subconsciously perceive as a bloke............

    1. I cannot recall getting a hug from a non-LGBT male, but then again, I cannot recall getting a handshake either.

  2. I was thinking as Dancing with the Stars ended last night, a milestone will be reached when that show has a transgendered person contestant. The just had a little person and have had someone with no feet, it will be one small step. BD

    1. Chaz Bono was a contestant. But I would like to see a transwoman contestant.

  3. I think we would all like to see a transwoman on DWTS. A year or so ago there were strong rumors that they were trying to convince Caitlyn Jenner to participate. I do not know if Caitlyn said 'no never' or simply deferred an answer. They may be waiting for a final answer from Caitlyn before they look for a less well known transwoman.

    As for hugging I am not sure of the dynamics. I come from a background and heritage where I hug almost everyone so for me hugging is a natural reaction whereas it may not be that way for others.

  4. "...but shook hands with Mary"

    Even baby steps are steps forward.