Saturday, November 19, 2016

Very Suitable

There's a lot of truth to my Dress Bar ad parody. They don't have Transfashion Specialists at Dress Barn, but their sales reps might as well be.

I shop at Dress Barn frequently. The staff at the local store knows me in boy and girl mode and they are very good at making me look my best as a woman no matter which gender I shop in.

One time I was shopping for a new dress  in boy mode and the sales rep suggested a frock that I would have never given a second look. I tried it on and was not thrilled with the way it looked on me in boy mode. (Which is often the case trying on womenswear en homme.)

The sales rep sensed my lack of enthusiasm, but urged me to buy the dress because she "knew" it would look good on me en femme. If not, I could always return it for a full refund.

I trusted her opinion, bought the dress and when I wore it en femme, it looked gorgeous and received lots of compliments.

And so it goes.

Source: Metrostyle
Wearing Metrostyle.

Kansas City femulators, circa 1965
Kansas City femulators, circa 1965


  1. Stana I always fantasize about going to work en femme but I'm not ready to do it. However, the other times I'm out en femme, I usually wear women's business attire, which makes me feel like a business woman. Since business attire is always classy and can be sexy with the right accessories it is my go to wardrobe.

  2. One of my first times out, with my makeuplady, she expressed surprise that I owned no suits. I said they just seemed too formal for me and I tried to spend my money carefully, especially since I was still uncomfortable buying women's clothing. She said if I bought one I'd be hooked.

    She was right. I own a half-dozen or so but only wore one out. The rest are for our own pleasure.

    ps the hair on the girl on the left looks photoshopped in.

  3. Dear Stana,

    One of the joys of femulating is the incredible variety of styles and fabrics of women's clothing. As I have commented a few times before in my replies, when I femulate I ALWAYS wear a dress or skirt, and always over a slip or half-slip (in addition to the requisite [and fun] bra, panties, and nylons). So, all of my suits are skirt suits. Most of them have pencil skirts that have that delightful somewhat tight feel as you walk and sit. Wearing a skirt suit with high heel pumps and the intimate apparel I described above is absolutely WONDERFUL. Of course, wearing beautiful dresses, cocktail dresses, gowns, etc. is equally FABULOUS!

    And, then of course, there's the beauty and lovliness of wearing satiny nightgowns, lounging gowns, baby dolls, nighties, etc. It's almost amazing to me that not every genetic male would be delighted (at least occasionally) completely dressing as a woman.

    I just ADORE when I'm a GIRL!



    1. It's good to know that there are others like me who like the feel of certain clothes items when I Femulate, in this case the tight feeling of walking and sitting in pencil skirts. It just makes me FEEL so ladylike!😉

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