Saturday, November 26, 2016

Weekend Wonderings

"Oh please it's 2016"

When I read a post like Joanna's yesterday, it gives me hope.

Black Friday

I seldom leave the house on Black Friday... certainly not to go shopping. Why deal with the traffic and the crowds when I can shop 'til I drop online and get comparable deals without all the hassle!


After fearing an impending head cold for the long weekend, it turned out it was only an allergy attack. Lucky me!

Weighty Issues

Despite the Thanksgiving feast, I maintained my weight. My goal now is to lose more by year's end. 

There is a downside to losing weight... I have dresses that I have never worn that will be huge on me after I drop two or three dress sizes.

And so it goes.

Source: ModCloth
Wearing ModCloth.

Femulating in the Fifties
Femulating in the Fifties


  1. Re: Dropping dress sizes

    I'm sorry, I guess you'll just have to go out and get ones that fit better...

  2. weight loss: it is easier to get a dress taken in, often impossible to have enough material to let it out

  3. Re: Black Friday
    Where I am (Spokane, WA), the secret is to go early, like 5am to 10am. Like a summer dawn, everything is magical at that hour. The stores are all decked out and in perfect order. There are early bargains galore with nice selections. The crowds are still at home. The sales staff is usually just starting their shift. They really appreciate a smile and a leisurely sale. The big stores start early and by 8am, even the smallest shop is open. When things start to get crowded, if they even do, I have already finished a day's shopping and I am on my way home for a slow, restful day there. It really is worth the effort.