Saturday, October 22, 2016

Weekend Wearing Womenswear

Zoe alerted me to a Huffington Post article about a youngster who will dress up as his hero for Halloween. His hero happens to be Bob the Drag Queen and the boy's mother and uncle are lending a hand putting his costume together and making it as authentic as possible.

It is a nice story and I think you will enjoy it.

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Lost my eyelash comb somewhere, somehow. I didn't realized how much I missed it until I made up my face Sunday afternoon. So Monday, I bought a new one (this one).

A long time ago, a queen told me to use an eyelash comb with metal teeth. At the time, they were hard to find, but I managed to get one from the Vermont Country Store, of all places! So I was a little upset when I lost it. But these days, the metal-toothed combs are more common.

The function of the comb is to separate and unclump your eyelashes after applying mascara. The plastic teeth are just too thick to fit in between the lashes you are trying to unclump, whereas the metal teeth are just right to do the job. So go metal.

By the way, the metal teeth are very sharp, so be very careful or you'll poke your eye out!

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Beauty expert, Louis Licari, wrote about blurring on Huffington Post... not gender blurring, but age blurring. It is an interesting blog post and includes tips on how you too can blur your age and look "young" despite how many birthdays you have celebrated (or not).

You can read Mr. Licari's post here. Enjoy!

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Helen of Haute Business fame and I have such a similar fashion sense that you'd think we were separated at birth! I am so enamored by some of her outfits that I decided to replicate one to wear to work on Halloween.

Will you be en femme at work for Halloween? I hope so!

Source: Veronica Beard
Wearing Veronica Beard.

Eugeniusz Bodo
Eugeniusz Bodo femulating in the 1937 Polish film Piętro-wyżej.


  1. read the rest of 'Raising my rainbow' and previous Halloweens at and 2016/10/16. a great blog by supportive parent(s)

  2. Thanks thanks for the tip on metal eyelash combs! They are a great improvement since I hate clumpy mascara.

    Patty o plasma

    1. Please be careful using one. I poked my eye a few times and it hurts!!!