Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Bad Hair Day

As I wrote in my short post on Monday, I went out Sunday evening to attend a surprise birthday party for one of my long-time trans girlfriends. The party started at 4 PM, which meant I spent the better part of Sunday afternoon getting femmed up for the event.

I took my time doing my makeup and as a result, it took an hour rather than the normal 30 to 45 minutes. Then I dressed, switching outfits a few times while trying to decide what to wear out the door. I finally settled on a recent acquisition from Avon, a little black dress with laser cutouts along the hemline (that's the dress, not me in the photo above). I accessorized with vintage earrings and necklace and a long black and white scarf from Avon. Nude Payless pumps and matching nude Avon bag completed the ensemble.

Some time ago, I bought a wig from Envy that I had never worn. I purchased it because I was very happy with another Envy wig I had bought and more importantly, it was available in a large size, which is a rarity in the wig world. For some reason that escapes me now, I bought the wig in light gray/platinum.

When the wig arrived, I tried it on without makeup and I thought it looked awful, but that is often the case when I try a wig on without makeup, so I put it away for a future outing. The future had arrived and I wore it on Sunday. It looked much better with makeup, but I thought it made me look old. That should have alerted me, but I made up my mind to wear it and that I did.

I arrived at the party early because it was a surprise party, so I assumed all the guests should be in place to surprise the birthday girl when she arrived. Turns out that the birthday girl knew about the party and was already in the building when I arrived.

C'est la vie.

Source: Eloquii
Wearing Eloquii.

Enrico Lo Verso
Enrico Lo Verso femulates in the 1997 Italian film As You Want Me.

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