Thursday, October 13, 2016

CoverGirl's Cover Boy

James Charles
CoverGirl spokesperson James Charles

Just last Wednesday, I wondered if we are a tipping point regarding the integration of womenswear into menswear.

I asked, "Will men in skirts and dresses become common and accepted in our society real soon now?"

I answered, "I dunno, but anything can happen."

Well, anything happened on Tuesday when CoverGirl cosmetics announced their first male spokesperson, James Charles.

TeenVogue summed it up perfectly, "In the past year or so, we’ve seen a substantial shift in how our society approaches gender and the confining stereotypes that generally go hand-in-hand. For instance, long gone are the days of it being 'unacceptable' for boys to rock bold lipstick, a poppin’ highlight, or whatever makeup they fancy. Countless males have taken to YouTube and other social platforms like Instagram to show off their beauty skills — which are exceptionally legit — and we couldn’t be happier about this change in stride. And now it seems we’re breaking down barriers even further, and the proof is in Covergirl’s newest spokesperson: James Charles."

So young men are now using cosmetics just like young women did back in the day. But what about older men? When will they start making up their pretty faces?

"Never happen," you say.

Well, on last night's episode of ABC television's Modern Family, the Phil Dunphy character (played by 49-year-old Ty Burrell) raised some eyebrows by wearing lipstick and eye makeup in boy mode.

And so it goes.

Veit Alex
Veit Alex, male womenswear model

Anne Ominous
A femulator having her face made up.

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  1. this makes me think of the hunger games, where even the rich men are wearing makeup and fluffy hairstyles