Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Lady Di

Saturday, as I headed out to buy groceries, I hit the button preset for WLNG on 92.1 MHz on the AM-FM radio and drove down the north side of my 1,000-foot mountain, which is not favorable to WLNG, 50 miles to my south-southeast. Yet, WLNG hung in there as I descended the mountain and continued my drive through the relatively flat river valley below.

I was paying more attention to the traffic than the radio, but sitting at a red traffic light about 2 minutes after my descent, it occurred to me that the female announcer now on the radio was not a voice I had ever heard on WLNG. In passing, the announcer mentioned the station's call sign: WOMR, which is on the tip of Cape Cod, about 145 miles to my east-northeast.

After the light turned green and I continued on my journey, WOMR hung in there for about a half mile, then gave up the frequency to WLNG.

As a radio ham, something like this gets my attention because it indicates unusual radio conditions and affords me the opportunity to hear other stations that I would not usually hear under normal radio conditions.

As a trans woman, I mention this because WOMR is a beacon whenever I drive to Fantasia Fair in Provincetown. When I get east of Providence and approach Cape Cod, I tune the radio to 92.1 and wait for WOMR to get louder and stronger as I get closer to Provincetown. 

WOMR is a very eclectic radio station like many other public broadcasting community radio stations. And while I am in and around town, I listen to WOMR whenever I listen to the radio.

Googling WOMR, I discovered another interesting aspect of the radio station: WOMR’s radio personality named Lady Di, who by day is the town's board of selectmen secretary, Vernon Porter! 

You can read all about Lady Di here and here and you can listen to her radio shows "Leggs Up and Dancing with Lady Di" on Fridays from 5-7 PM and "Chattin Up with Lady Di" on every other Thursday 8 PM. If you are out of the radio range of WOMR (like most of us), you can listen to her shows via the Internet at womr.org.

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Tim Jo
Tim Jo on the 2012 Halloween episode of television's The Neighbors.

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  1. Stana-
    I am glad to see Lady Di, is doing well out on the Cape. For those who remember Vernon Porter is the former owner of Vernon’s in Waltham. A shop that catered to the Transgender community before we even had the name.
    Back in the 1980’s I use to visit Vernon’s whenever I came to Massachusetts on business.
    Always welcoming and caring, his shop was more than just a place to buy clothes, it was refuge where we were understood and respected.
    I remember getting my first makeup lesson from Vernon down in the basement of the store. I still use much of the advice he gave me about my presentation.
    Carpe Diem Lady Di!!!!