Monday, October 3, 2016

Got Costume?

If you are like me and celebrate Halloween in costume, you only have four weeks to get your getup together.

I am all set. I just have to decide which office girl outfit to wear to work that day. But unlike me, perhaps you have no idea what costume to wear.

Lucky for you, the Internet offers many Halloween costume suggestions this time of year. So let me Google that for you.

My favorite site for ideas is Polyvore's DIY Halloween Costume Sets. Like the Morton Salt Girl idea pictured above, many of Polypore's suggestions are not your typical Halloween costume fare. There is a good chance you will find something there that is uniquely you.

Source: Boden
Wearing Boden.

Stephen Carr
Stephen Carr femulating in a 1952 episode of television's Adventures of Superman.

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  1. Halloween. I'd really love to wear the office girl outfit on Halloween. I believe the office policy is "as long as it is within dress code." I'm just nervous about doing it. It'll be the first time that I've dressed in the daytime, off my property and out of my car. I'm the only male type person in an office of 28. Mondays are light on management in the office and I certainly have the wardrobe. I can't remember how many times people say yes ma'am to me at my customer service window while I'm wearing male clothes If they only knew!