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During the week before Halloween, television celebrates the holiday by running old horror films and showing new situation comedies with Halloween themes. Typically, the sitcoms have their cast donning costumes to attend parties or go trick-or-treating. Occasionally, there will be a male dressed as a female and sometimes the male-to-female costume is noteworthy like Dave Foley’s unforgettable costume on the 1996 Halloween episode of Newsradio (photo above).

I don’t know for sure if any guys will be dressing like gals this week, but there is a good chance that some fellow is going to be a miss on tonight’s episode of The Real O’Neals (ABC, 9:30 EDST).

The teaser ad for tonight’s episode shows the O'Neal at a Halloween party. Suddenly they all look up to watch someone coming down the staircase. The ad only shows the legs of the person coming down the staircase and that person has shaved shapely legs in dark hosiery.

Here is the description of tonight’s episode:
When Halloween arrives, or what Kenny refers to as "the gay Super Bowl," he plans to go to Boystown to watch the festive costume parade. In an effort to prevent Kenny from attending, Eileen agrees to let him throw his own Halloween party at home. Eileen's tolerance is ultimately tested when Kenny recruits Stuart and his gay friends to join the big party, and he makes a BIG costume change.
And the guest star list includes “Martin Lion as J.Lo.”

Please stay tuned!

UPDATE 1: In a Yahoo! interview, Noah Galvin, the actor who plays Kenny on The Real O'Neals, revealed, "In our Halloween episode, I am in full, full drag, which I’m very excited for the world to see. I’m a really pretty girl!"

That's tonight at 9:30 PM EDST on ABC!

UPDATE 2: Don't know if you had a chance to watch The Real O'Neals last night, but it went beyond all my expectations. Kenny's brother dressed as Bonnie Parker of Bonnie and Clyde fame, male party guests dressed as J.Lo and Britney Spears, but Kenny outdid them all with a fantastic femulation of Beyonce. And he does make "a really pretty girl!"

Source: Intermix
Wearing IRO.

Deonte L. Warren and Steven Douglas Stewart
Deonte L. Warren and Steven Douglas Stewart on stage in
Fabulous! The Queen of the New Musical Comedies (2014).


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  2. That episode of NewsRadio is one of my favorites. Dave Foley always made a convincing woman, going back to his time on Kids in the Hall. Stunning!