Wednesday, June 4, 2014

One Person's Journey to Womanhood – Part 15

By Monica M

This is a short follow-up story to my embarrassing lobby walk incident. Almost one year to the day, I ended up in San Francisco again. By now, I had been through Esprit and Southern Comfort in Atlanta. While I was nowhere as confident as I am now, I was pretty gutsy.

I had never forgotten the lobby bellboy incident and it sometimes came back to haunt my dreams. I decided the best way to beat the ghost was to track it down to its lair.

Off I went en femme to the same hotel. What would you know? The same bellboy was on duty that day. I walked up to him, handed my camera to him and asked him to take a photo in the lobby.

I don't know what he thought, but he did not say anything apart from “Sure, Ma’am. Just here?”

And, here it is one year later! I don't think I pass particularly well in this photo, but it seemed to work. After he had taken the photo, I went to the ladies' restroom (you can see its door over my left shoulder). It was the first time I had ever been to a ladies' room in public. I looked upon it as my revenge for the embarrassment. It put the ghost to rest!

(Part 14 of One Person’s Journey to Womanhood appeared here.)






Source: MyHabit

Wearing ViX.






Model Rickard Engfors.

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