Thursday, June 26, 2014

Color Me Upset

making-up-100617 Colors

This week, Daily Makeover had an excellent article, "How to Find the Most Flattering Makeup Colors for You." The article is short, but full of excellent tips about finding your best colors. I learned a few things after reading it and I am sure you will, too.


On the way to work today, two rabbits, a turkey, and a turtle crossed my path. The rabbits and turkey were not an issue and went on their merry way into the woods after crossing the pavement in front of me, but I dunno about the turtle.

When I came upon the turtle, he was half way across the road. I slowed down momentarily to see if could do anything to accelerate his crossing, but the road is narrow, heavily traveled and worse, there was no place to pull over to park. I did not know what to do except continue on to work, but I was upset (and I am still upset) that I wasn't able to help this guy.

I hope I don't see his carcass on the way home this evening.


  1. Wildlife crossing the road is a common hazard in my neck of the woods. I was able to get out Tuesday night for a short outing to a friendly lounge. I was wearing a plum colored sleeveless shift, brown high heels and my blond wig. A mile into my ride a deer jumped across the road missing my car by only a few feet. On my way home in about the same spot two deer decided to cross the road as I was approaching. I missed them both narrowly.

    I suppose one of the last things I would want to do would be to hit a deer with my car, especially if I were en femme.

  2. I was especially sensitive about turtles in the road when I lived in your area. The poor creatures are just helpless against a car. I hope she survived the crossing. In dry California, turtles crossing the road are simply not an issue.

  3. It's not that I don't care but it's why I carry auto insurance!

    My main question is, were you dressed femme? For me, dressing like that still garners a few "looks" from the trooper and the tow truck operator. Especially after they've seen my driver's license!



  5. I always feel so sad when I see deer feeding by the side of the beltway, because nearly every time I see them dead on the side of the road the next day.

  6. Good news! There was no sign of the turtle when I drove home.

  7. Nice article on coloring... sucks to be color blind!