Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Not a Day over 62

IMG_4056_cropped_web Last week, I changed my Facebook profile photo to the one you see on the right.

In response to that change, I received 30 likes and a handful of positive comments. I also received a message from one of my Facebook friends, Lisa, who commented that my "skin looks so good" that she wanted to know if I lasered my face.

After exchanging a few messages with Lisa, I realized that my blog readers might want to know how this 63-year-old lady manages to look only 62 years old! So I will spill the beans here and in tomorrow’s installment of Femulate.

I never had laser hair removal or any other permanent hair removal. Nor am I on or ever have been on hormones.

I get a very close shave using Edge shaving gel and the manual version of the Gillette Fusion razor with a new or nearly new blade (never a blade that has been used more than three times).

After I shave a portion of my face and neck in one vertical direction (three or four swipes up or down), I quickly shave in the opposite direction without reapplying the shaving gel.

After I am done, but while my face is still wet, I feel my face for any rough spots that I missed and go over those spots again without reapplying the shaving gel.

I have two trouble spots that require extra attention. They are under my chin on each side of the center of my chin. Typically, I have to shave these spots in four directions to eliminate the beard... again without reapplying the shaving gel.

I keep a bottle of witch hazel handy in case I nick myself. A light dab of that astringent to the bleeding area usually takes care of the problem quickly and I can continue getting pretty.

The Gillette Fusion razor does a very good job and its results last most of the day. But by late afternoon, I see hairs reappearing usually on my chin.

Here is a trick I learned from Hollywood makeup artist Jim Bridges when he gave me my first makeover at First Event back in 1995. After attending First Event all day long, I would return to my room in the late afternoon, remove all my makeup, shave with a manual razor, then reapply my makeup for the evening festivities. Besides wasting time removing and reapplying makeup, using a manual razor twice a day over a few days resulted in razor burns on my face!

Jim recommended leaving my makeup on and attending to the new beard growth with an electric razor. And then touch up any makeup that the electric razor might have disturbed.

This method saved time and avoided the razor burns. I have used it ever since for full days en femme. By the way, my electric razor is a three-head rotary style razor from Philips Norelco. It has a rechargeable battery that lasts a long time, so if I am on the road for the day en femme, I can even use the razor in my car to fix my face.

In the tomorrow’s post, I will discuss putting stuff on my face rather than taking stuff off my face.

Any questions?





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  1. Stana:

    Sounds like a familiar ritual. I, too, use an electric razor for late day touch up and then just touch up the makeup. When I was using only Bare Essentials dry mineral makeup, the electric razor didn't disturb anything, as the makeup had "set" into the skin by late day and was not prone to easily rubbing off. Unfortunately, it tended to overly dry my skin.

    I've recently discovered Harry's razors and am finding they give me a superior shave. YMMD. Best, their per blade price is great and delivery to your door is convenient. See: harrys.com.

    Can't beat a close shave and moisturizer to get the facial palette ready for the paint. I've finally started really paying attention to my facial skin and am starting to see a difference. Also 63, I wish I had started caring for my skin years ago, as I'd really benefit now by having that now long gone silky smoothness of youth.


    1. Thank you for the tip about Harry's razors, Rhonda.

  2. I use the exact same electric razor you use, Stana! And I think you look smashing!

    1. Great minds shave alike, Billie!

  3. Stana, It's no secret you are an attractive woman and if anyone gets a chance to meet you like I did, you radiate feminine from the inside out!
    The fashion "accessory" most in the community forget.

  4. Some helpful hints here. Thanks for sharing.

  5. AnonymousJune 10, 2014

    Thanks for representing we "older" women. (I'm 67 and also do not look it.) I really appreciate your candor and information. That's one reason I recommend your site on my site. http://kathryn-camfield.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you for the recommendation, Kathryn. (I look forward to reading your book.)

  6. Stana,

    I could have written that regime myself. It is exactly what I do, except that I shave in the shower, using shampoo to keep the razor gliding smoothly. I may be especially lucky because I have a light beard and can go 12 hours with no new growth showing. Too bad I don't get to femulate often enough to make use of that characteristic! Looking forward to your next post.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Lisa, because I failed to mention that I shave in the shower, too.

  7. Dear Stana,

    I also use a Gillette Fusion razor. It does an excellent job.

    I got my beige and black Squeem Perfect Waist cinchers in size 2XL. I wore the beige one Friday night and Saturday. It did a good job slimming my "a wee bit too big stomach" ... LOL! Thank You for your review and recommendation of this product.



  8. Thanks Stana I do pretty much the same, and seems to work well for you. Someone suggested (it may even have been your blog) that if you don't have hot water available, e.g. when changing to en femme and en voiture, that conditioner was a good thing to put on your skin to help shaving. Have I got this right, and if so does that mean hair conditioner (as I don't know any other)? Also I followed the link to Heidi Phox and found some very interesting stuff there, too.