Friday, June 20, 2014

Got Support?

Jan Brown passed along a valuable online tool for folks seeking GLBT support and resources: GLBT Near Me.

Enter your ZIP Code and how many miles you are willing to travel from your ZIP Code to get support. Then select a category, for example, "Transgender, and click on the Search button.

In response, the web tool returns a list of resources that fit the parameters you entered.

Very cool and very useful!





Source: Daily Look

Wearing Daily Look.





Source: flickr

Recent womanless beauty pageant contestant.


  1. I wish you would not include the WSJ in your side-bar. That merely takes up space for other trans related articles.

  2. I have no control of what appears in T News. It is a Google gadget that searches the news for stories that are trans-related (good or bad) and posts them in my sidebar.

  3. Stana, thanks for passing along the support info page...just added Trans Ohio which is making great strides!!!!
    You are the best!!!

  4. This looks great, but unfortunately only covers the USA, the nearest we have in the K (which I know about anyway) is the Beaumont Society which is T only

  5. I thought you controlled the sidebar, I had no idea it was Google! I guess I wish the WSJ would stop asking for money or that Google wouldn't select them.

    Otherwise good article, as usual, Stana.