Monday, June 23, 2014

At the Grocery Store

Saturday, I am the little househusband and among other things, I do the grocery shopping for the following week. I buy what I can at Aldi, then go to Price Chopper to pick up the things that Aldi did not have.

Most of the people I encounter in the two stores are in grocery shopping drag… very casual to very grubby. However, while I was in Price Chopper, I encountered a pretty young woman wearing what I thought was a navy blue dress covered with white polka dots, a dress not very different from the navy blue polka dot dress I wore on a few occasions this spring. She also wore cute navy blue flats and little or no makeup. Her short bob was a deep auburn.

The woman was shopping with an older woman, who I assumed was her mother, who unlike her daughter, was in grocery shopping drag like the rest of us. The “mother” was taking her time going up and down the aisles while the “daughter” scurried around the store picking up items and depositing them in her mother’s shopping cart.

As it turned out, I kept bumping into the daughter in various parts of the store as she scurried about. It was actually a little amusing that we kept bumping into each other and during one of our bumps, she smiled at me in recognition of the ridiculousness of the chance encounters.

Anyways, all these numerous encounters revealed a few things.

Her navy blue dress was not festooned with white polka dots. Rather, it was covered with little white crosses — a navy blue cross dress!

As I wrote above, she wore little or no makeup and on closer inspection, she had very thick almost bushy eyebrows, which brought my trans radar to attention and she struck me as being a pretty boy dressed as a girl.

My last encounter was as I passed her depositing yet another item in her mother’s shopping cart. I actually heard her speak to her mother a distinctly male voice!

Wow! It made me very happy to see her out and about and with a supportive parent to boot! Very, very cool.

Source: Daily Look

Wearing Daily Look.

Actor Brian Charles Rooney femulating on stage in Bedbugs!!! (2012).


  1. Stana -

    In your shoes, I might have told the mother how much I respect her for doing what she did - as long as I knew for sure that it was her son in that dress.


    1. Hi Marian - I hope I run into them again and if I do, I may speak up.

  2. Good story. I wrote a recent post in my blog about complimenting women and especially transgendered women.

    We need to support each other whether in guy or girl mode. 99.99% of the time we are in girl mode, people do not react. But just think how one positive compliment could have a tremendously positive impact. I make general comments about hair, clothes, style, nails and/or shoes.

    If I read them, like you did, the compliment is the same as I would make to a cis women. I would have told the young girl that her dress looked nice and I would have told her mother how nice it is to see a mother and daughter spending time together.

    No mention of transgenderism. Just think how great the daughter would feel and how her mother could use that as positive reinforcement.

  3. AnonymousJune 23, 2014

    These situations are always hard. "What if your wrong" and "omg I look that bad that you could tell!". Perhaps should you meet again, and I hope you do! Could you simply ask her if she's the ____, as they used to keep them in this isle.

    Ladies can do that! I've been dowsing the flower section of homedepot, or lowes and have had it happen twice, a lady would come up to me and ask for some insight on what or where a particular flower is. I'm sure it's because they want a better picture of who and what I am. And I always accommodate, the premiss I go on, I have a right to be there wearing something that makes me presentable as a woman. This young lady seems like she knows she presentable and as I believe most people are good people with a little curiosity are willing to share moments.

    1. AnonymousJune 24, 2014

      OMG, it must have been late, I meant you could ask if she could help you and if she knows where the ____ is...

    2. If I run into them again, I might speak up, but I would be very cautious about it and do it very delicately.

  4. A wonderful experience! The closest I've come is a guy with red fingernails at an antique store. Was going to compliment his nails but my wife was coming up the aisle, and I figured I'd better not go there...

  5. Found it nice to hearof another househusband shopping. I do have to say I have done the dressing up and makeup but found it so hard to keep up with. So with that said I decided to just be me, I mean I still wear feminine clothes shorts hsorts and shaved legs. I even wear my disney sleepshorts and a long jersey. Along with my covid mask I see no reason not to hide that I am a man who loves wearing womens clothes including panties and my lacross skilt anywhere incuding the local "Home Depot". I love the many times women have called me Miss or say have anice day ma'am and that boys also say that to me at suto stores. Just be yourselves, no one seems to mind!