Thursday, November 7, 2013

Just Like Me

2013-10-26 I am feminine. This is not something I developed over the years --- I have been feminine all my life.

Being feminine came naturally to me. I did not intentionally choose to be feminine; I just acted naturally, but society categorized my natural act as feminine.

I did not have an inkling that I was feminine until an older boy told me I needed to stop acting like a girl and to man up for my own good. I rejected the boy's assessment and continued to act naturally and as a result, suffered the slings and arrows of my peers, who called me such names as sissy, twinkie, fairy, faggot, homo, etc.

And worse, I was so blind to my own femininity that when I saw it in other guys, I assumed that they were gay because that was the stereotype for gay males that I had learned.

As I grew older and wiser, I realized I was feminine and really a girl at heart. I also learned that my stereotype for gay males was wrong. Gay males can be (or appear to be) as masculine as heterosexual males. I also learned that heterosexual males can be feminine... just like me.

And I just came to the realization recently that the feminine male friends and acquaintances that over the years I branded as gay were not necessarily gay, but may have been transgender... just like me.




Professional femulator April CarriĆ³n.





Source: Rent the Runway

Wearing Allison Parris.


  1. All three of today's photos warrant a WOW!

  2. Indeed on the photos! As for the childhood experiences, I can say I had many similar ones - name calling, etc. The feminine "me" feels much more comfortable...

  3. My life was exactly the same as yours, Stana! We merely traveled different paths. Good for you, girl!

    And BTW, the photos are lovely, especially the one of you!