Wednesday, November 13, 2013


The 50th anniversary of President Kennedy's assassination is coming up and the media is commemorating the event in many various ways.

I was just 12-years-old at the time, but I was very political even then and JFK was my hero. I campaigned for him as best as a kid could and I was thrilled to see him in person both times he visited my hometown of Waterbury.

JFK was my hero, but Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy was my idol.

During that time, girls and boys with girlish inclinations were fascinated by the Jackie's beauty, style and grace. We all wanted to be just like her. I never wanted to grow up to be President, I wanted to grow up to be First Lady and I femulated her for Halloween one year.

Jackie was not only a fashion plate, she was also a style-setter.

I recall in 1967 that people were scandalized by a news photo of Jackie wearing a skirt that revealed about six inches of leg above the knee. How could a woman of her stature and a certain age (she was 38) dress like that? What a floozy! But next thing you know, everywhere you looked, fashionable women of a certain age were wearing skirts with hems hovering well above the knees.

She was classy and elegant until the very end. What an inspiration!




Professional femulator Steven Brinberg as Barbra Streisand.



Source: Belle & Clive

Wearing Yoanna Baraschi.


  1. You made a STUNNING Jackie!

  2. Your femulation of Jackie is spot on!

  3. NO! You're not 62! If I look as good as you do when I am your age, I will be a VERY happy woman.

    1. Thank-you Kate.

      I'm getting awful close to 63 (with emphasis on the "awful").

  4. you made a beautiful Jackie then and I'm sure you still do, looking at your recent pics.

  5. You are women! And a very good emulator of Jackie.

  6. Have pillbox, will femulate Jackie!