Monday, November 25, 2013

Thursday in Two - Part 1


Thursday was a full day out en femme for me.

I dressed and was ready to go out by 9 AM, but that was too early — the stores were not open yet, so I watched the news and sipped a cup of coffee.

I wore a recent purchase from Avon's Mark line — a turquoise peplum dress, which I accented with silver jewelry (earrings, necklace, watch) and black accessories (bag and heels). I also wore my knock-off Pandora charm bracelet from Avon.

I was on the road at 9:45 and stopped at the mall in Meriden to see a friend who works in JCPenney. We worked closely at a former employer and since then I had run into her at JCPenney a few times in boy mode. Now I wanted to introduce her to Stana.

She is about as tall as I am, so she is easy to spot, but after searching both floors of the store, I did not find her. Not to waste the visit, I looked through the clearance racks at JCPenney, but did not find anything of interest.

I usually find something of interest at DressBarn, so I left the mall and drove to the DressBarn in Hamden, which is only 10 minutes away from Southern Connecticut State University, where I was doing outreach.

I arrived at DressBarn, entered the store and discovered that I was the only customer. The cold weather on Thursday reminded me that I needed a new sweater dress, so I attacked the racks and found some dresses of interest. A young sales representative “started” a dressing room for me and hung my finds in my dressing room to try on whenever I was ready.

I thought to myself that shopping as a woman was wonderful. Look at all the choices I have and I love how the sales reps treat you like a queen.

I found three dresses to try on. The first dress was a long-sleeved, white, gray, and black color-block boat neck sweater dress, which I liked a lot, but it was too big and the next size down was not available.

The second dress was a green sweater dress with an empire waist, three-quarter dolman sleeves and a revealing V-neck collar that fit perfectly. I thought it would be the perfect dress to wear to a Christmas party, so I moved it to the buy-side of the dressing room even though I had no Christmas party to go to… yet.

The third dress was a black faux leather trim sweater dress. The asymmetrical faux leather collar with four functional button closures on the inner left of cowl made the dress. It fit like a glove and also went to the buy-side. I liked the dress so much that I decided to wear it out in place of the peplum dress I was wearing. (It’s not the first time I’ve done that… just an exercise of a woman’s prerogative.)

I paid for the two dresses and since my order broke the $100 mark, I received a free makeup bag, which I did not expect.

Did I mention my feet were killing me?

I was wearing my go-to heels, which seldom give me a problem, but for some reason, they hurt like heck on Thursday. Since there was a Payless store a few stores up from DressBarn, I decided to see if I could find something more comfortable on sale. This Payless had a huge selection of women’s size 11s, 12s, and 13s, so I had fun trying on a lot of shoes.

The most comfortable and stylish shoes I found were a pair of “Menswear Harriet” T-strap pumps (photo above). I wore them around the store and after ten minutes, they still felt comfortable despite their 3-1/2-inch heels, so I bought them. And like the dress I bought at DressBarn, I wore my new shoes out in place of my 4-1/2-inch platform pumps.

By the way, the sales reps at DressBarn and Payless were very friendly and treated me like one of the girls. If they knew I was trans, they never let on and that made the shopping experience that much better.

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Source: Belle & Clive
Wearing Ali Rio.


  1. Clothes shopping, beats going to a game, hunting, fishing, golf, I could go on and on
    But you all already know what all us girls know
    Like the song says"girls just wanna have fun", and we know how to have fun

  2. I would love to have a day like that. (And I'd also love those shoes!!)