Friday, November 15, 2013


I visit Pinterest daily. Its cornucopia of images stimulates my creative side and occasionally it is a source of ideas for this blog. I have my own Boards on Pinterest where I pin images that I find interesting both the images of others and my own images.

Below are some transgender images that caught my eye today.

ALICE - all boys. v P “ALICE - all boys”

Stilettos v P Stilettos

Boyfriend wearing my dress by theashleymartin on Flickr v P“Boyfriend wearing my dress by theashleymartin on Flickr”

Caution v P 

Inadvertant Twins by prettysissydani on deviantART 
“Inadvertant Twins by prettysissydani on deviantART”

man's world v P

My personal trainer, Csilla Javorszki v P “My personal trainer, Csilla Javorszki”

Not all boys dream of being Superman v P

Pavel Arambula as a girl v P 
“Pavel Arambula as a girl”


  1. I never dreamed to be superman and I'm very OK living in a man's world .. so long as I'm allowed to be a woman! Your link to How Society Justifies Anti-Transgender Discrimination is a good one, it happens all the time.

    I find your articles interesting. Drive on, Stana, and thanks!

  2. You ought to post links to the original pintrest posts.