Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Back when I was studying to be a girl, I learned that to elongate your legs, you should wear shoes that do not break the continuous line of your leg from the hemline of your skirt to the throat of your shoe. Anything that breaks that line ruins the illusion and makes your legs look shorter. As a result, ankle straps and similar adornments should be avoided.

So I am confounded by the popularity of some of the shoe styles being worn by women these days. Specifically, I am referring to the styles that cut the legs off at the ankles and have no throat at all.

Each to her own, but this girl wants her legs to look long. So I will try to follow this shoe advice, although I do admit having an affection for Mary Janes and cannot resist breaking that rule occasionally.




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Actors Dennis Marsico, Tom Vazzana, Louie Gravance, David Kelley and John Graham, some femulating, some not on stage in Murder's a Drag 2011.





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Wearing Maggy London.


  1. Who cares about leg length if your shoes are just damn fabulous?

  2. Stana,

    I totally agree. Even at our height, where we do not need to use tricks to elongate our leg that some shorter women will need, I do not like the look of the 'bootie'. Even last night my wife and I were watching a reality show where the female host was wearing a nice dress with ankle high booties. I said that I did not like the look. My wife agreed and even went so far as to comment that the pink 3" slides that I was wearing at the time gave a better overall appearance.

    Years ago I had commented that I though that on shorter women a skirt lenght that came to mid calf (a commen length for women who wear capris) made it look like the lady was walking in a ditch. I feel the same about many booties although I do recognize that some of them are rather cute.

    While I like the look of a Mary Jane and I also like an ankle strap in my opinion the best all around look is the classic tradition pump that gave an unbroken line from the shoe vamp to the hem.


  3. I agree, it's a trend that defeats me, of course you are lucky in that your legs are long anyway.

  4. Dear Stana,

    I do not like boots or high-topped shoes or platform shoes. I don't like them on me or how they look on other girls. I wear only classic style patent high-heel pumps or simple flats (if my feet are hurting after standing in pumps). Each girl to her own, but these are just my preferences.



  5. I tend to agree about what you post regarding the look of shoes, always have. I change from the casual out-and-about shoes to those I wear in my apartment, unless I'm staying home.

  6. I don't mind shoe-boots per se. I think it depends on the outfit and bare legs with black boots doesn't seem to help. Even with dark opaques, it's a tricky look to pull off.

    Still, fashion eh? ;-)

  7. "Nude" pumps are big right now. They don't break the line at all. Those super-expensive ones with the red soles (forget the brand) has a variety of "nude" for different skin colour.

    I wonder if that's why black hose are popular.... Black hose + black pumps = unbroken lines.

    1. Christian Louboutin! I wore my nock off CLs, (nude with gold bottoms) pumps the other night with a pair of nude hose and a beige skirt beige tank and autumn orange lightweight flowy variegated length cardigan to dinner with Dee, I think people were checking out my legs for sure!

  8. as does Christa I have to succum my personal preference to if the fab shoe fits! Wear it! Well so long as it flatters you, the out fit, or the mood ;)

    Your point is well taken though, "we" need to emphasize and not masculinize if a shoe deters from the feminine lines we have to try to hard to accomplish it's best to avoid it for street wear! Long legs are an asset to any girl/girl so making them appear as long as possible can't be unflattering.

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