Monday, November 18, 2013

How To Do Mascara

2013-11-18-mascara Makeup maven that I am, I still do not feel completely comfortable or confident applying mascara.

In my makeup routine, applying mascara is the last thing I do when making up my eyes. I am very good applying eye makeup up to that point, but when I pull out the mascara wand, I hold my breath that I will not ruin the masterpiece I just created.

Too often, my mascara gets away from me and I have make repairs. Other times, I am too careful applying mascara that I end up not applying much at all and it looks like I am not wearing any.

On Saturday, Daily Makeover had "6 Mascara Mistakes We All Make — And Shouldn’t," which is a quick, but helpful read. I was aware of some of the "mistakes" they mentioned, but it is good to be reminded.

I also found a primer on mascara application by the Makeup Geek, "How to Apply Mascara Like a Pro," that is also helpful.

So bat those lashes, ladies! 




Actor Rod Steiger femulating in the 1968 film No Way To Treat A Lady.



Source: Metrostyle

Wearing Metrostyle.


  1. Mascara is not as much of a challenge to me as is eye liner. Hard to get the line just right.

  2. I gave up using liquid eyeliner when I discovered the ease of using powder eyeliner.

  3. These are great links, thank you. However, I disagree with you because the difficulties I have with eye make up are applying eye shadow. I never know where to put light and dark shades (it rarely looks right) and also choosing the right colours - I have blue/green (turquoise?) eyes. Oh yes, applying any kind of eye liner between lashes and the eye itself always ends up in a disaster - unlike others who seem to get smudge free lines here - any suggestions here from you or others would be much appreciated. As always I really enjoy the website blogs

  4. Sorry I forgot to sign my blog - it's Michelle here

  5. Stana - me again. Note to self, - do your homework before posting on Femulate! Having done a search on your website, you have written a tutorial on applying eye makeup. It looks good, I now have to try it!