Sunday, June 2, 2013

Bad News

2013-06-02 Last year, Fashion Bug announced that it was closing the doors on their chain of women's clothing stores.

Over the years, my wife and I did a lot of shopping at Fashion Bug; so much so that one store assistant manager asked me if I would like to be a model in one of their seasonal fashion shows.

I bought some very nice tops, sweaters, and dresses at Fashion Bug and they almost always had my size. Also, their sizes were very consistent; Size 12 fit the same no matter what item you tried on.

My favorite Fashion Bug purchase was a cocktail dress (see photo) that I found on a clearance rack. It was beautiful and I always received compliments when I wore it.

I miss the Bug and now I realized another one of my favorite clothing stores has fallen by the wayside: Newport-News.

I go way back with Newport-News --- so far back that I bought frocks from their mail-order catalog when they were called “Avon Fashions.” The first time I attended a trans support group meeting, I was wearing a Newport-News dress and over the years, my wardrobe has included many dresses, skirts, tops, and shoes from Newport-News, which I purchased at very reasonable prices.

Spiegel basically absorbed Newport-News and although it still uses the Newport-News brand at its online outlet store, Newport-News is essentially dead. Their URL (‎) sends you to the Spiegel website, where you will find nothing new in the Newport-News line.

Like the Bug, I miss Newport-News and I also miss the old Spiegel. Their prices were always higher than Newport-News, but not sky-high as they are today. And worse, their sizes now run small --- so small that their largest sizes no longer fit me.

C'est la vie!




Contestant femulating in the Covington County (Mississippi) Hospital womanless beauty pageant, 2012.



Wearing Armani.


  1. Like you, I loved Fashion Bug--and I find its substitution of its higher-priced Lane Bryant and Catherine lines no solution. They simply do not carry the same kind of clothes.

  2. Love the dress
    I know what you mean
    I have a favorite dress I call "THE DRESS"
    I too get many compliments when I wear it
    Enjoy your "THE DRESS" your wear it well
    And anyone can tell it s your favorite by your look

  3. AnonymousJune 02, 2013

    Fashion Bug carried wide shoe widths. I purchased four pair of different women's shoes at the Fashion Bug stores near me. One last pair of ankle boots on clearance for $9.95 before the store closed.

    First time I went to Fashion Bug, I asked the Sales Associate if they had any skirts in a size 12. She kind of looked at me funny and said, "I might have one or two, this store carries mostly sizes for plus size women". Since then I lost more weight and can find many dresses and skirts at most department stores either size 12 or 10 depending on material and cut of the dress.

    Phoebe, formally known as Janet