Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Joke Known as "Sizes"

$8dot85_dress About two weeks ago, I complained here about the "new" Spiegel, specifically that "their sizes now run small --- so small that their largest sizes no longer fit me."

So what possessed me to buy a Spiegel dress a few days later?

It was a very nice looking dress (just my style), but its $8.85 price tag (marked down from $149) is what pushed me over the edge.

I figured that if it did not fit, I would not return it because the shipping cost would eat up its sale price. Instead, I would sell it on eBay, let someone else pay for the shipping and I would probably make my money back (Even Steven!) or maybe make a profit.

The mailman delivered the dress in the middle of last week. I quickly stripped down to my manly underwear and tried it on. I managed to get it on, but it seemed a little tight and I had visions of eBay in its future.

During a break from all the Father's Day festivities (wasn't the parade fantastic!), I found time to slip into my unmentionables and try on the dress as it was intended to be tried on.

It fit perfectly and looked gorgeous!

Back in March, I had to return two size 16 dresses to Spiegel because they were way too small. One was so small that I could not get it on at all and the other was not much better --- I got it on, but it looked terrible because it was so tight.

The $8.85 dress is also a Spiegel size 16, so go figure!




Actor Walton Goggins femulating on television’s Sons of Anarchy, 2012.




Wearing DressBarn.

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