Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Janet’s Story

By Janet Lynn Stickney


My name is Janet Lynn Stickney. Some, maybe most of you may know me from my writings, which are posted on the four major sites (Big Closet, Sapphires, Storysite, and Fictionmania) that have agreed to post my writings and some have even been translated into foreign languages!

During over 40 years in the trans community, I have always, until recently, been actively involved in promoting better laws and more education for the law enforcement community. In the early 7's, I became the first president of Crossroads Chapter located in Detroit, a group founded by my friend, Grace Bacon. Over the next 30 years, I held every post in the group until finally I retired from the board and was awarded a life membership.

I was president when the four founding clubs [Crossroads (Detroit), Paradise (Ohio), Transpitt(Pittsburg), and Tri-Ess (Chicago)} of the Be-All convention began. Our first convention was held in a hotel the was half the size we needed! We figured 100 or so attendees and 200 showed up! We can proudly point to our beginnings of the Be-All when we see what it has evolved into.

Even now, I look back at what we have accomplished in the trans community and remember when it was truly dangerous to go out. We have come a very long way. Not far enough, but moving forward.

I am now completely retired both from my job and as an active member of any group. My job because I had the age and time; the groups because I have suffered two strokes which have rendered my abilities to become Janet problematic. I can walk and talk and I have both hands, but I wobble and I shake a little. Tough to do eyeliner with the shakes and heels are definitely out.

I am NOT complaining. My God has been good to me, gracing me with two beautiful and very successful daughters, along with grandchildren that we adore. My bride has always been by my side during my participation in all of the events, conventions and meetings, both within and without the trans community. I love her dearly, and would be lost without her. I have it all.

The pictures included here, one taken when I was about 16, another when I was 17, and two when I was about 59, show the progression of both age and experience. In all cases, that is my own hair; I never used a wig.

In my writings I have always held what I thought was the higher ground, never debasing any of the characters, but trying to portray them in a realistic, but somewhat rosy way. Many disagree, but many others told me that they enjoyed the read, so frankly, I write what I like and leave it there.

Now that I have retired my heels for the flats, I look back on my many years as a proud member of the trans community and know in my heart that I have helped many of our sisters find that inner peace we need to live with, and possibly expose, that beautiful girl we have inside, as well as making it just a bit safer for us to go out. It is my fervent hope that all of you find that solace and someone to share it with. There is nothing better in life than knowing that you have that one special person to share your life with.




Bobby Darling, according to Wikipedia, “is an Indian actress who has acted in Bollywood and regional Indian films. Darling, who was born biologically male, self-identifies as a woman, insists that interviewers address her as such, and has had cosmetic surgery towards that end.



Wearing Emilio Pucci dress, Nicholas Kirkwood shoes and Swarovski clutch.


  1. I like the story, Janet, it is very up-lifting. I hope the shakes don't impact upon you too much, you are an astounding woman with a lot of good luck. It makes me kind of jealous to see you with that very good and supportive partner! JK! ;)

    Godspeed to you and yours, thanks for all you did and thanks for sharing!

  2. Janet,
    Thank you for sharing your 'T' bio with Stana and her 'Femulate' readers. You are an inspiration to many and the work that you have done over the past decades has been a help to many. I do recall reading your stories on Storycite and you do have a gift that you were generous enough to share.
    Good luck and best wishes on a life well lived.

  3. I agree with Billie in that its hard enough finding yourself but finding a supportive dare I say encouraging partner is like the veritable needle in a haystack. Congratulations Janet!

  4. Stana it was nice of you to share Janet's story. I have read many of her stories and really liked her presentations. And Janet I am so glad to see that you are still up and about but just a wee bit slower. I still wish you wrote new stories for one of the sites. As others have said I am so happy for you to have found such a willing supportive partner. Not all of us are that lucky. I did enjoy seeing your pictures and then knowing that you go back many years in your life presenting as you wished you are. Have a good whatever and enjoy it. Thanks for sharing,

  5. Miss Janet, I hope you are well and have a long time left with us. I have always loved your stories and hope you are able to continue this activity. I frequent Fictionmania and haven't seen anything new in a while. I always feel like your stories ended to quickly, (I always want more!) and your realistic approach is my favorite part.

  6. I have also enjoyed your writings - they have proven inspirational over the early years of exploring my "softer side". I pray you continue to enjoy life, and continue to share your writings with us.