Monday, June 24, 2013

Scene from This is 40


I watched This is 40 last night and 13:32 minutes into the film, the following short scene plays out.

In a woman's clothing boutique, a saleswoman (played by Megan Fox) speaks with a male (played by Hugh Fink).

Saleswoman says, " deep oranges and browns; maybe some dark greens that would really play up your features."

Male responds, "I'll just take out my AMEX and you pick out what you think is good."

End of scene.

It is a throwaway scene. It has nothing to do with the plot of the film and there are no other references to this scene in the film. It makes one wonder why it was included in a 134-minute film, which is very long for a comedy.

Go figure.



womanless beauty pageant - univ of wisc-madison - 1951

Student femulators compete in the Miss Haresfoot womanless beauty pageant at the University of Wisconsin – Madison in 1951.



Source: DressBarn

Wearing Dressbarn.


  1. Interesting - it does make you wonder why it's there. Maybe it's referenced in a scene later that was deleted?

  2. I loved that movie!.... I laughed so hard!.... the ending was a disappointing.... but that scene was great.... some people didn't get it... understand it!.... but it was a little modern time culture.... I believe more men dress up a little in the safety of that room in their home or hotel room.... then we really know....

    just a thought!