Monday, June 3, 2013

My Art

I added a new link, my art, in the left sidebar and uploaded 290 images that you can view if you click on that link. The images are ones that I created for the blog.

Most of them are captioned photos, fumetti, or parodies that look at the humorous side of being trans. Caveat emptor: I thought they were humorous, or at least ironic, but your mileage may vary.

The upload is a work in progress. I need to edit the titles of the majority of images, but that should not stop you from viewing them.

After I finish with the titles, I plan to upload approximately 50 pieces of artwork that I created for my blogs and websites that predated Femulate.


Christina Jaclyn

Christina Jaclyn, femulating Femulate reader.


Wearing DressBarn.


  1. Good, I've always liked your art.

  2. love the art, just dislike the new style flickr

  3. Sorry I'm late with my reply, Stana. I'm glad to learn you've added art, I love art!

    Your cartoon above is definitely cute but, with the introduction of us mtf trannies, the caption takes on a very unique meaning, lmao!