Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Winter Girlcation


Paula Gaikowski visits Femulate again with her story about a day out en femme in February.

What’s one to do with a week by themselves? With my family away on vacation enjoying warmer climes and with me at home taking care of the dogs and cats, that wardrobe of new skirt suits began calling me. It wouldn’t be hard to guess that a girlcation day would be on the horizon.

My friend Suzanne was kind enough to schedule a lunch with dear friends Connie and Katie at the Tavern on the Square in Burlington, MA. I have to tell you, sisters, I was dying to get out in girl mode. It had been over a month since Paula had seen the light of day.

My first stop that morning out was back to Paula Young Wigs in West Bridgewater Ma. The last time I was there in November, their computer system was down and I couldn’t buy anything. The factory store is a transgender girl’s best kept secret. They have a transgender-friendly staff with a huge inventory of wigs on display at discounted prices. The sales associates assist transgender women on a regular basis and are responsive to our needs.

I made friends with two women my age who were buying wigs for the first time. I gave them tips on care and a lesson on brushing and styling their wigs. I was flattered by their suggestion that I should work at Paula Young! The three of us tried on dozens of wigs and had a great time sharing what I can only describe as a great female bonding moment. I settled on two beautiful wigs for under $100. The one I’m wearing in the above picture is called the Breeze and was on sale for $49.99.

After wig-shopping, it was into the car and off to Tavern on the Square. But first, a quick stop at Nordstrom for an emergency replacement of my tattered pantyhose. The hosiery department at Nordstrom is extensive, modern, and glamorous. The store is known for great customer service and that extends to the transgender community.

If you are a considering your first time out and you’re in doubt as to where to go, then I recommend Nordstrom. They have an official policy regarding equal treatment of transgender people. They were one of the first companies to do so. I and many other girls have always received exemplary service there (me too - Stana).

The sales associate helped me find a beautiful pair of DKNY pantyhose. She was very understanding and helpful when I told her I had an important meeting and had to change a pair of ruined hose. She smiled understandingly and showed me to a dressing room where I was able to put on my new luxurious pantyhose. It can be expensive being a girl, but it sure is worth it. I felt like a princess all dolled-up and now ready for lunch with the ladies.

Tavern on the Square was just a short ride around the mall perimeter road. I was there five minutes early at 12:55 and was a bit nervous going into a mainstream restaurant at lunch hour during a busy school vacation week. I was put at ease as soon as I entered and was greeted by Suzanne and Katie. We chatted briefly and was then asked by the hostess, “May I show you ladies to your table.”

We were treated wonderfully, Connie arrived shortly and we spent close to two hours talking about everything from First Event, fashion, and a myriad of our out and about adventures.

This was the first time I have gone out with a larger group of transgender women. I was a bit apprehensive as to how we might be received. But just like all of my other fears about going out in public, they were totally unfounded. We were treated as ladies and our waitress and her trainee gave us excellent service. Nobody in the restaurant gave us a second look. We made sure to over tip, and received a big smile and thank you from the waitress.

The rest of the girls decided on an outing to Florence Fashions in Wakefield. I was much too tired and headed back in the direction of home, stopping at my favorite thrift store along the way to surprise Elaine, the sales associate who sees me every Monday on drab. She is very complementary and enjoys seeing me wear the outfits I buy on Mondays.

I made one last stop at the Hanes Bali outlet to get three great pairs of Hanes Silk Reflection pantyhose for the price of one DKNY. When I finally made it home, my feet ached from wearing heels and hose, my bra strap was starting to dig, and I was exhausted physically. Even being drained and weary, I was reluctant to go back to drab mode, but I did, first taking off my shoes.

I massaged my feet and then wiggled my polished toes mischievously. I thought to myself “what it would be like to do this every day?” Many girls say it would get old fast, that they would miss their male sides. Was I just enamored by the clothes and fashion? Was I really cut out for a life like this? I looked over into the mirror and saw my MAC Crème de la Femme lips slowly curl into an impish smile.


  1. Paula,
    Yours postings of your out and about adventures are wonderful, refreshing and inspiring. It is the act of getting out and either passing or blending and being treated with the respect that is accorded to others that is so important. You are proving the FDR bromide that the 'only thing to fear is fear itself'.
    With the exception of one wonderful wig that I bought from Glamour Boutique all of my other wigs have been mail order from Paula Young. Some have worked out better than others but overall I have been very pleased with their service and their products. I have done my ordering over the phone and it was one of the first calls that I had ever made to order something that was clearly feminine, using my regular voice, to be shipped to me under my guy name.
    Stana, please keep encouraging Paula to relate her escapades.

  2. Pat

    I often wonder how my articles are received. I take several hours writing them and that doesn't included the time spent in the car mentally mulling over the contents before I start. I hope that it does inspire other girls to get there and enjoy the world. Thank you so much for you kind words.

    BTW-- I was asking the SA at Paula Young if the get many transgender people in, she said yes but we get sooo many men on the phone!!!!

  3. Stana, Thanks for sharing Paula's "girlcation" with us! And Paula, thank you for putting it all down, I miss getting out with the girls, (not many sisters way up heya! But if anyone interested in the words of the late John Camron Swazy Come Ooooon Down! (UP!)). And too, for the tip on the Paula Young outlet, I didn't realize there was one around. Next time I'm in the area I'll have to check into it. It's getting about that time where I need a new do anyway.