Monday, March 11, 2013

Boys Being Girls Again

Hi Stana,

Just posted - Ernest Ward Middle School has held another excellent pageant, with once again some incredibly good femulations.

Note that the last couple pages of that gallery are shots of the "real" girls hosting the pageant. Although, really, the other "girls" really hold their own in comparison!

There's something both fascinating and, frankly, mildly disturbing about a womanless pageant of such high quality at this age level. I mean, the dresses are  up-to-date, the make-up impeccable, good-quality wigs, and the boys have clearly been well-coached in deportment, posing, etc. Someone takes this annual project very seriously, and this is one of those exceptional pageants that goes well beyond the level of a silly lark or farce.

I'm guessing that whoever coordinates and organizes the event is probably heavily into "normal" teen female pageants, perhaps a professional pageant coordinator or coach. They certainly know what they are doing, as you don't get these sorts of results from leaving the contestants on their own, where they would typically be subject to the preparatory ministrations of amateur friends and family.

And it stimulates suspicion that there may be more behind the motivations involved than mere fun and games. The stereotypical "older woman/women feminizing young boys" scenario is a common staple of TG fiction, especially in the "sissy" sub-genre. Most of these stories fall into the category of unrealistic "too good to be true" set-ups. And yet, such situations DO occur in real-life, albeit much more rarely than the fantasy readers and writers would like to believe.

Is it possible, when confronted with a middle school age "pageant" of such exceptional quality, that we are dealing with a person or persons running the show who is/are actually "into" femulating young teen boys? I'm not saying that this is necessarily the case or, if it is, that it rises to the level of something immoral or questionable. But it is something to wonder about, which is why even though we enjoy seeing the results, we may well be left with mixed feelings and some level of discomfort.

Maybe I'm over-thinking the whole thing. But I'm just saying.....



I too often wonder about the perfection of such femulations.

It could just be some very competitive people behind the scenes or wearing the evening gowns. Or it could be something else.

I would love your comments on this topic.


  1. I think your former "conspiracy theory" is a bit more believable then the latter "dominant feminizing personality" in an administrator.

    I think what we are probably looking at is a school that resides in a higher income neighborhood, where an understanding of excellence in competition is weaved into the fabric of the community and that those who are involved are the attention to detail types. Perhaps as you mentioned one of the coordinators has pageant experience. Or perhaps, just like those high schools who always win at band camp or color guard. They have instilled the discipline, if your going to do it use all your talent and do it all top notch.

  2. Sometimes it is he who wears the best gown that wins. I think that the level of femulation along with the production, photography, presentation was above average. I think that a good time was had by all and that this group has an appreciation that if something is worth doing it is worth doing right.
    Kudos to all at Ernest Ward Middle School

  3. Oh yes the perfect storm, a bored pageant mom who daughters perhaps had moved on, and a few furtively willing boys whose protest ring hollow. Let’s face it you either secretly wish to do this as we all can relate, or as a middle school boy you can’t get away fast enough and would not be caught dead doing this. Let’s face it, nobody femulates this nicely without wanting to. I do love the girl in the orange dress she is so pretty and I love how number 5 in the blue dress just seems smitten with the whole deal, I have no doubt she will be off to the races in the future.

  4. Dear Stana,

    Like the previous commenters, I have no idea what the real story is with the more realistic Womanless Pageants. Much like the incredible MISS ENG'G femulations at the University of the Philipinnes, I suspect that most of the contestants are not transgendered and do not get a "special" kick out of competing. But, just based on the law of averages and estimates of the percentage of transgendered males in the general population, possibly 1% to 3% of the girls REALLY want to do this (and continue doing it). I'm guessing that in rare cases, competing in a pageant like these awakens desires in a boy that he never knew he had.



    1. Or perhaps Sheila, never new he "could"!

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  6. Hi, I think the age cut off for some of these pageants does get a little creepy if you go younger into elementary school kids.

    In this case however, I believe this pageant was held to benefit the cheerleaders. So the tools would be available to do some very complete transformations.

    Overall though, in every level of society these days from the Catholic Church to the Boy Scouts we are hearing disturbing stories. Unfortunately anything is possible.

    But the fact still remains, shouldn't a boy have the same rights to win a girls beauty contest as they do?

    1. LOL, with the infiltration of women into men's venues I hope so. And I really think a younger and cuter, more adorable is not at all creepy. But, I am that person who believes that someday we won't consider boys acting like girls or contributing to them acting like girls won't detrimental to their mental health, because we have all become very equal in standing and not judged on our style of dress.

  7. Dear Stana:
    The motives for such a wonderful pageant can me many. That is part of the fun. I am sure that there were some contestants that either secretly relished in the opportunity or have begun the road down the magical path. Beyond just the nearly flawless staging, it is obvious that a few of the girls need little coaching to move and pose convincingly. I looked at one of their past shows and while not as beautiful, it too was not meant as a parody or drag show.
    I have written a story on big closet (Nian Adams) that focuses on one boy that is selected for one of these elaborate first class shows and the lfe changing impact it has on him. It is purely fantasy, but sometimes some of these boys just need an opportunity or gentle push to experience something others see inside them. As long as it is not forceful, the results can be fun for all. (I so wish I had been in one of these pageants.)
    This show certainly had a few girls that were stunning and likely not in gorgeous feminine wears for the last time.

    1. I concur Nina! What I find interesting, and often on the back of my mind. Holding to your theory of awakening. The young boy has permission to dress like a girl. Something clicks. Perhaps if there were not limitations and repercussions in dress codes, that a lot more "pretty" boys would know who they are way before the "outing". Gender is a great contrast in our world, we see the pretty and the handsome the nurturers and then hero's. What we often do not see is there there isn't a sex associated with either as I believe gender and gender expression crosses the sex line. Unfortunately as a society we don't want to look at that possibility.

  8. Did anyone else noticed that the winner seemed disappointed about the sports equipment but ecstatic about the crown>

    1. That was my impression! Keep an eye out for this one, we may have another blossoming sister!

    2. the winner,look at his facebook profile,is a not transgendered boy and he is in a pre-teen relationship with one of the girls who organized the event!
      i just think he had a great sense of humour and good femulator.
      Brave boys are not afraid to imitate "silly girls" in these competitions cause they have no doubt about their male identity.

    3. i think your impression was not correct cause the winner is a boy in a pre-teen relationship with one of girls who organize event (i did a research on facebook profile).
      Looking at womanless contestants i see lots of boys who are not afraid to femulate "silly" girls and often they are boys without any gender problem.
      Actually i am a sort of crossdressing male..if in my chilhood i had to compete in a similar contest i am sure that my expression was the same of contestants 5 (quite embarassed) a sort of "what a shame..being dressed in this way in front of the audience".
      So in my "theory" contestant 5 in more at risk of gender problem than the winner!

  9. I wonder if this pagent is held, as a tool to prevent a certain type of bullying.... With many males, there is a competition to prove who is most manly. Having any feminine characteristics (such as short stature, not being interested in competitive sports, etc.) could put a young boy at risk. But with a contest like this, that same boy has a good excuse in a competitive environment. Mind you, there has to be a lot of positive reinforcement for a boy to take the risk of being in the contest - yet, if enough of the other boys join in, the competitive pressure to be excessively masculine in other areas of life is neutered for a while....

    Just an idea that needs fleshing out and much more thought - could the idea of this pagent be a tool to prevent certain types of peer abuse?

  10. I wonder if the organizer may have had someone in their life who would have loved to do this, or suggested it - maybe a brother or son who crossdressed, and she wants to help out others in the same position - particularly if the person in their life had a hard time accepting it

  11. in my opinion womanless pageants have nothing in common with tg tales,transgendered teens and so on.
    the winner in the orange gown is the boyfriend of a girl (cheerleaders's group) who worr that dress in a girls'pageant last autumn.
    Winner's mom is happy,on her facebook page,of her son's victory for the fun of it!
    The spirit of womanless events is always just for fun.Boys are not forced to do it and most of them are tipical boys playing football or baseball without any gender problem as organizers are not women with the cruel intention of "feminize" them for humiliation.Come on!
    If you search "womanless" on Statigram you will find a good number of pictures with a classic "couple": a smiling-grinning girl and a smiling-embarassed boy dressed as a contestant! tags or comments are "haha" "funny" "hilarious" "awkard moment" "embarassing".This is the spirit of womanless pagents..."are you brave enough to parade in front of laughing girls dressed up as Dolly PArton?".
    The "role reversal" spirit of it is clear in those pageant where girls are escorts (dressed as boys) the same of "powder puff" events.
    Searching for womanless eventsd o facebook i see the most of comments (95% are females) are something like "take lots of pics" "just can't wait to see mybrother in a dress" "never laughed like yesterday at womanless contest" " omg..funniest thing ever!".

  12. I think a lot of the reason that the "girls" look good is that at their age, a lot of them haven't hit puberty yet, so they're still essentially neutral and with appropriate makeup, wig and dress, they look like middle school girls.

  13. Our son and daughter finially made their First communions at ages 12 and 14,the son 12 and the daughter 14.They were both in the class with the 2nd graders and the son wore a suit and tie and the daughter we did like the little girls in a cute,poofy,sleeveless,top of the knees communion dress and veil with the lace anklets and white mary jane shoes and under her dress we did the cloth diaper and plastic pants and under shirt like the little girls normally wear under their dresses.Later that following week,The son got home from school first and i was out shopping.When i got home,i went to his room and caught him wearing the daughters communion outfit!He had the diaper,and plastic pants on and her camisole on under the dress also! When i asked him what he was doing,he told me that he liked the way sis looked in the outfit and he wanted to wear it also! The daughter just got home from school then,and came up to his room and saw him in her outfit and got very mad and angry and called him a pervert,etc.Since then, i have caught him a couple of times wearing the daughters panties and he says he likes them!

  14. He's beautiful 😍