Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Grandpa’s Femulation


Paula Gaikowski shares another ephemeral femulating memory.

While the My Three Sons episode “Spring Will Be a Little Late,” had a weighty and thoughtful impact on me, there was an episode of The Munsters titled “Lily Munster, Girl Model” that was delightfully cute, but not as serious.

Lily wants to do something with her spare time and she finds a job as a model. Herman gets angry and jealous because he believes that all the men will admire her. Using his magic potions, Grandpa turns into a woman, in order to help Herman make Lily jealous. So Grandpa goes down to the dungeon mixes up a potion and with a puff of smoke, there is a gorgeous blonde standing there. Of course, the actress (Nine Simpson) playing the transformed Grandpa has Grandpa’s voice.

Of course, Lily sees this woman with Herman and becomes insanely jealous, but it gets all sorted out in the end. The best part comes at the very end when Eddie appears coming up from the dungeon, now looking like the cutest 10-year-old girl in the world. A pretty young actress stands there in a frilly party dress with Eddie’s booming voice.

“Serves you right for playing in Grandpa’s dungeon,” admonishes mother Lily.

Eddie in a panic cries, “But what am I going to do Grandpa? I have a baseball game in one hour!”

Grandpa shakes his head and says, “Well, I guess you have to learn to pitch underhand!”

To which I remember thinking, “I would love to learn to pitch under hand!”


  1. amazon has the episode on demand for $1.99:

  2. I remember that episode. Herman is left without proof when Eddie drinks the serum, but his new 'daughter' proves him to be faithful.

    Grandpa: Either play for rain...or learn to pitch underhanded.

  3. AnonymousMay 20, 2023

    I know who the adorable little actress is, Kimberly Brooke! P.S. Can you please give me the recap of the 3rd rock from the Sun Super Bowl episode?