Monday, March 4, 2013

Femulating Superheroine

shezow “Twelve year old, Guy Hamdon accidentally becomes a superhero, but the ring that gives him his powers was only meant to be worn by a woman. So whenever there's danger, Guy transforms into SheZow, a kick-ass female superhero with big hair, high heels and a beautility belt that houses various super weapons concealed inside feminine products like laser lipstick and vanishing cream.” (from IMDb)

Celeste alerted me about SheZow and wrote, “I find it jaw dropping that there is a cartoon program aimed at a younger audience that has the lead character crossdressed AND in subsequent episodes, learns to comfortable with it. While it does have the classic ‘guy in women's clothing’ humor and over-the-top stereotypical female gags, they ARE challenging the viewer if you can look past that. I honesty think the message is ‘it's okay to be transgender.’”

Excerpts from SheZow can be viewed on YouTube.


  1. Ed "Big Daddy" Roth. We have a lot in common. Did you use to try to draw the cars and Rat Fink too?

    1. I built a LOT of model car kits. When I wasn't building them, I was drawing them often ala "Big Daddy" Roth.

  2. Thanks for the notice. It looks like fun.
    The full episodes (at least 3 of them) are available for viewing on

    Tanya Allan tackled a somewhat similar theme in her novel There's No Such Thing As A Superhero

    It's one of her earlier books (2006), but still a fun read.

    The cartoon is good to see because I'm sure it will get a lot wider viewing!

  3. I want to watch this, but the link doesn't work for me, is that because I'm in the UK?

  4. i would have love to watch a show like that in my childhood

  5. Here are all 8 available episodes, there are "56" planned...

    I'll also try and post my thoughts on the series soon...


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  9. ooh! I am saving those dailymotion videos right now (keepvid). Thanks for sharing this, I am SO amazed such a cartoon could be made. TG in mainstream kid's cartoon, this is awesome!

  10. I knew that it was only a matter of time before a transgender superhero would have happened.
    And also that I would have read about it here.
    It's so good to know.