Thursday, March 28, 2013

Happy Birthday, Jimmie Dodd



Femulator surrounded by friends and family, circa 1925.




Wearing Yoana Baraschi.


  1. You do realize that only girls of our generation have any idea who Jimmie Dodd was, right? So which Mouseketeer did YOU want to be? My choice was always Darleen.

    1. I was surprised how old Jimmie was - born in 1910!

      My favorite Mousketeers were Cheryl and Darlene. I wrote about them here.

  2. This is how the show revised for today's demographics might close musically

    "M" is for MATRIARCHY... under which all males shall now obey.
    "I" is for INFERIOR which males now are proven more each day
    "C" SEE how CUTE males CURTSEY such a precious girlish sight.
    "K" Is for the KEY to chastity device... which keeps male parts held tight.
    "E" is for male EGO.... it's truly fun to see it break!
    "Y" is for Y-chromosome... surely nature's greatest mistake.

    "M" is for the title "MISSY"... males shall be taught the term applies to them.
    "O" is for OUYRAGEOUS... male, your slip is showing... adjust now your skirt's hem.
    "U" is for UNDIES males wear... with lots of frills, silk, satin, lace.
    "S" is for SUPREMACY... it's in the Female's DNA
    "E" is for ETERNALLY... henceforth males shall the WEAKER SEX stay!

    Then after this tune the Female MOUSEKETEERS led by MINNIE escort the femininely attired male members of the club home where the little dears are shown doing their proper feminine household chores... while the young Female members of the club laugh, joke and play games as They look on in great amusement.