Friday, August 12, 2011

United We Succeed, Divided We Fail

Author Jennifer Finney Boylan wrote an op-ed in The New York Times Thursday that IMHO is must-reading for girls like us.

Here is the link; thank you, Alicia, for sending it to me.

By the way, make sure to read the comments, too.


  1. I was reading this today, and added a comment! You usurped my next post. :(

  2. The entire concept of united here is flawed by on simple component, the in ability of some to realize that others would disagree with them.

    In other words some feel they have a righteousness to their opinion. And because of that righteousness believe those who decent are adversarial. What might sound in opposition, and deemed hateful, could in reality, just a need to cling to the familiar. Until we as diverse people understand the true meaning of accepting diversity (even in those that oppose us.) we will never be content in the pursuit of life.

  3. A wonderfully written article by a beautiful writer. I just read "She's Not There". A call to arms for transgendered persons post-gay rights... yes: where are Our Rights! We must have them.........