Friday, August 26, 2011

Monday Back-to-Work Drag

2011-08-26-stewardess This year, Halloween falls on a Monday.

There may or may not be anything "official" going on at work Halloween-wise, but I plan to go to work en femme.

I've done it twice before when my workplace had official Halloween function. (You can read about that here and here.)

In the past, I often considered dressing en femme for Halloween when there was no official Halloween functions, but I chickened out each time. This year, I am not going to chicken out. I just have to decide what to wear.

I've done "office girl drag" twice, so I want to wear something different instead.

I still have all the parts of my last Halloween costume, a roaring '20's flapper, so that's a possibility. Or I can go for something completely different.

I always fancied wearing an airline stewardess uniform, but all the stewardess costumes I have found for sale are slutty and not authentic. I thought about building my own stewardess uniform. The only difficult items to obtain are the stewardess hat and wings. Reproduction hats are available, but I have not been able to locate reproduction wings.

Other costume possibilities that have come to mind are:

  • Jersey Shore girl
  • Call girl
  • Goth girl
  • Beauty queen

If you all have any other suggestions, please leave a Comment below.


  1. dianegirl44August 26, 2011

    Stana With the new Pan Am tv show coming out in fall a Stew the one. Nothing more Femme than a 60's stewardess. Build your own is the way to go.
    Hug, Diane

  2. Stana, what a wonderful opportunity AGAIN!! It was also delightful to go back and read the two past episodes. You are truly a darlin
    g feminine man who makes a lovely mature woman. We all envy you!!! Since you've already done the "office girl" episode your attire should be what you wish but I also love the idea of the sophiscated business woman in her power skirt suit, ect. My one other thought is about your nails. Since they can be so difficult, why not have a nail salon appointment the late afternoon the day before Halloween. After all, everyone will understand and could be such fun for you. Another possibility is having your wife do them for you if she is willing and able. Can't wait to hear more. Love, Jaye Anne

  3. Like you are at your best en femme, very impressive and convincing, be yourself!

  4. Office girl drag is safer than call girl. I mean, even though it's Halloween, it's STILL an office!

    I dressed at work (once) when there was no official event (and it was Friday, the day before H'ween) and I had a fantastic time.

    This year, I'm in a secure facility with mostly men. I don't think dressing is in the cards for me, unless I change jobs Real Soon. :D

  5. I will have to concur with Diana. Pan am stewardess is the choice of those of us in the know! Here is a link to some hats!

    as for the rest it's really not to hard to replicate. a beige blouse. a below the knee navy skirt, and a navy tailored blazer. The Iconic scarf could be accomplished with a red white and blue patriotic scar and the wings are always available at the gift shops at most major airports.. how fare are you from Bradley?

    I didn't even try to do the stewardess look, but when I flew pre 911 enfem, I always wore a smart three piece skirt suit. you would not believe the numbers of people who came up to me and as for air port or flight directions.

    and I have to say, if this is your 3rd time dressing enfem for Halloween at work, you have pretty much confirmed that you are gender enhanced to all of those who know you there. Go for it.. And thank you, as you are causing people to think.

  6. here is a link to a little more inspiration

  7. I love the comments ideas. when you blend in so well that people are asking you for directions you have scored a GOAL!

  8. Stana, I really enjoy the site!

    I needed some pins for a nurse costume and didn't have the time to buy them, so I made them instead. It's easy and you can probably do it with stuff from around the house. Here's how:

    Find a hi-res pic of wings you like and print it to the correct size on glossy photo paper.

    Make a rough cut around the image and superglue it to reasonably stiff plastic sheet. When the glue is cured, trim the wings to shape with sharp scissors or an x-acto.

    Glue a pin back to the wings.

    As a bonus, you can color in gold or silver parts of the wings with a gel pen.

    Voila! It'll look good and pass casual scrutiny at about four feet.

    Hope you like the suggestion!

  9. Stanna, the stew wings will be the hardest to find, a fiend who is an airline pilot came to our local group party in a flight attendant's uniform, but had to use her PILOT'S wings, even she couldn't get a set. Something to do with homeland security, or whatever.

  10. Stewardess for sure, that picute is a perfect example. That is going to be one of my costumes for this year as well.
    Good luck,

  11. Mrs Joanie B --- Thank you for the links. I just found a pink suit in my closet that I forgot that I even owned. It would fit the bill as a flight attendant uniform. All I need is a pink hat to match.