Monday, August 8, 2011

Dancing Femulators

This video features three femulators from the Fusion Dance Company performing Single Ladies at the Northwestern University Drag Show in 2009. IMHO, they are excellent.


  1. Classic artistic impression! best I've seen. Wished I'd been there!

  2. Love the video, Stana. Although it's very funny, the "girls" are excellent dancers and do a great job. Makes me proud to be an NU alum.

  3. What are the key elements of moving like a woman. What exercises would help one to develop these skills?

  4. lotsa greenAugust 22, 2011

    Dear Anonymous,

    I would say, walking barfooted much to strengthen the feet,also running tip toed which will not only strenghten the feet and legs but also gives you a better feeling for balance.

    Try to pick up things with your toes, may sound silly but exercise for your toes and feet which makes them mor skillfully can help you to prevent stumbles.

    And really old school..put a book on top of your head, straight back, looking forward and start walking.

    After you got that right try walking down stairs and after that try it tiptoed and setting one foot in front of the other, swinging your hips.

    Oh and..women swing..their body is never stiff..some men walk stiff because it is 'manly' but for a woman everything is motion, flowing.

    There may be only small motions, but there is always motion..small movements of the arms, shoulders, the hands...depends if they carry a purse or not...

    and if you have a hand on the strings of your purse..don´t make a fist..think about it like holding a pen or a cup..the code word is delicate..using your fingertips more, not just grabbing

    this is what comes spontaneous to my mind..but I bet I forgot a bunch of other things..