Monday, August 29, 2011


Irene Dunn

I was lucky with regards to hurricane Irene, which was downgraded to "tropical storm" status by the time it got here.

We had 3-3/4-inches of rain and wind speeds as high as 43 MPH. Lots of small branches fell in my yard, as well as one huge branch that I had to ax in half before I could haul it into the woods.

My guyed 55-foot antenna tower survived the onslaught and miracles of miracles, we never lost power, which is saying something considering the record number of outages in this neck of the woods due to Irene.


  1. Good to hear! I happen to be up in RI for a few days. Like you, we surprisingly managed NOT to be one of the people who lost power, affected by flooding, or even had wind damage. I joked that I was *almost* disappointed. Actually, the cottage we used to rent up here only a year and a half ago WAS close to the shore and caught in flooding! Anyway, glad you came through Irene OK.

  2. Good to hear that you both came through safely.