Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Suits Me Fine

My best female friend at work really put herself together nicely yesterday.

She wore a (new to me) brown suit (jacket and pencil skirt that skimmed the top of her knees), a pretty dark red satin V-neck blouse, and a pair of suede high heel pumps covered with patches in different shades of brown.

I could not contain myself and told her she looked "great." Then I added, "When you dress like that, I want to dress like that." (In truth, I want to dress like that no matter how she dresses, but she is an inspiration to me.)

She was very flattered.

I also remarked, "I love your shoes."

Having discussed the good, the bad, and the ugly of women's shoes in the past, she mentioned that her shoes were very comfortable.

I replied that's icing on the cake (or something like that).

My friend is on the employee activities committee, so I asked her if the committee had any plans for Halloween this year.

She said they had no plans so far.

I told her that I wanted to come dressed en femme on Halloween and I planned to do so whether the company celebrated the holiday or not.

She encouraged me to do so and added that she did not think anyone would give me a problem.

I replied that nothing would bother me and that I would find out who my friends were.

Then she suggested that I submit a suggestion to the activities committee to celebrate Halloween.

The first thing I did when I returned to my desk was to write that suggestion and e-mail it to her to share with the committee.

Whether there is a Halloween celebration or not, I have now made up my mind that I will attend work en femme on October 31.

And, by the way, she preferred the business woman costume idea over the airline stewardess costume idea.


  1. Hello STANA, I hope you not being set up for problems? But if not I hope it goings well and you knock them dead again.
    Good luck

  2. Your friend sounds like a great person in addition to having a good sense of style.
    Good luck as 10/31 nears. We will be expecting both before and after photos and comments.

  3. You should ask where she got her suit and try to find one similar. You can go as twin office girls ;)

  4. Stana, what a delightfully feminine exchange and you in male attire, no-less! I see your interaction with your woman work colleague as a guideline for us to openly express oir true feminine selves even when we're not in our beloved skirts. These opportunities don't come along for me as often as I'd like but when they do I try very hard to be very expressive not only with my verbal praise but also with my hand expressions and voice inflections and softness. I do absolutely come across as an effeminate man which is exactly what I want and WHO I AM! When I am that effeminate with my wife's closest female friend she refers to me as "sweetie" and she as well as my wife all know exactly what I am. My wife occasionally refers to me in their presence as Jayne, her femme name for me, rather than Jaye Anne.

    I'ld love to hear if other femulators have had revealing feminine conversations with our genetic sisters. Love, Jaye Anne

  5. Stana, what a delightfully feminine exchange with your female work colleague. I'm not sure if my previously made comments made it through but I want you to know I feel you guide us through feminine moments of opportunuty even if we're not in our beloved skirt, makeup, hair, ect. To be able to pay tribute to our genetic sisters by openly displaying our effeminate natures as males, I think, advances our cause. The responses I have received froom women and even a few men to my obviously effusive effeminacy has been surprisingly positive. Stana, we can't wait to hear more!!!! Love, Jaye Anne

  6. Many years ago, I came en femme to work on Halloween. I came dressed up as a new mom in the style of the early sixties. I found a shirtwaist dress, little petticoat, and nylons. Being a young slender fella at the time, I looked halfway decent and I strolled in with a baby buggy with a little girl doll. I had so much fun that day. I would highly suggest coming as a new mom. Especially if you work with other real moms. They loved it!