Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Man Becomes Woman Photo Shoot


Sissy e-mailed me about a website featuring "incredible makeovers and photo shoots."

I clicked over to the link that Sissy sent and found a webpage displaying a slideshow of photos of gorgeous women. The language on the page was Dutch, so I was clueless and my first thought was that the page was featuring female makeovers.

But as I viewed the slideshow, I noticed some of the slides included small monochrome photos of males labeled "Voor:" Did "voor" mean "before" as in "before and after"?

Then I noticed a British flag icon; clicking on it translated the page into English and, voila!, it revealed I was viewing the "Man becomes woman photo shoot."

Wow! I've seen similar websites before, but this was one of the better ones. The makeup artist and photographer do an excellent job.

Only two problems: their studio, Holland Fotostudio, is in The Netherlands (in a suburb of Rotterdam) and their basic makeover and photo shoot costs $566 (in US dollars). Wow!

But, it does not cost anything to look, so here is the link to the website.


  1. It is an amazing website. It was clear that everyone enjoyed the transformation process. I was intrigued by the few scenes where you can see how much taller the males were than the woman doing the makeup or photos.

  2. In the hands of a sensitive and caring photographer, the true essence and energy of the person becomes the added dimension to a two dimensional picture. Love your blog!

  3. They have a channel on YouTube, search under HollandFotostudio, some of them are wonerful, all are well done!

  4. What a great web site! Thanks for posting the link, Stana.

    By the way, with the incredibly shrinking dollar, a session would now cost $570 (up $4 since your original post). Maybe having them do a makeover now would be a sound financial decision.

    Michelle, thanks for the tip on their YouTube channel. I'll have to check that out.

  5. Thanks for the link, much appreciated. having done many m2F shoots for both web and print, I get immense pleasure from such places.

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