Saturday, February 5, 2011

Get Back Fat

The weather forecast for today did not look promising (a "wintry mix"), so I was in no hurry to get up and get out of house. In anticipation of the weather, I did my normal Saturday morning chores yesterday, so I had a leisurely Saturday morning for a change.

I took advantage of the free time to try on some outfits while wearing the new shapewear camisole I purchased to deal with my back fat issues.

The cami looks too small, but it stretches to fit and smooths out my back fat. Instead of a roll of fat, my back was now flat. (By the way, my dress size is usually Misses 16 and the size XL cami fits me fine.)

I tried on a few dresses I had worn in the past where my back fat was evident and I was very pleased with the difference. I tried on a few dresses I had not worn yet and the results were the same.

Bali makes the cami. I bought it through Avon. It is similar to this one except that the one I bought through Avon (see photo) has narrower shoulder straps, no lace inserts, and was $25.

If you wish to buy the Avon version, you cannot buy it online (I searched high and low and cannot find it on their website). You will have to buy it through an Avon representative. (The cami appears in the Campaign 3 sales book as shown here.)

I am so satisfied with my purchase that I ordered a second one.

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