Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Latest Way Of Demeaning Real Women Is A Male Model Dressed As A Girl

Fashion's ultimate insult to women. Read all about it here.


  1. Except in Andrej's case. Andrej (Or is it Andrea? for her listing in the Storm Women's Catalogue) seems more trans than a "male used to insult women". Her look took 5 years to create and she worked VERY hard to get it. Fashion designers like Andrej because of her beauty AND the fact that she has that uniqueness. Sure, she's male (at least currently; read the interview in Zeit Magazine where she's asked the question on everyone's mind but doesn't answer) but that doesn’t make her a part of a conspiracy or even the pawn.

  2. I do not agree with the author. I do not think that males modeling woman's clothing is demeaning. It may be the author's general dislike of the 'waif' look. That is a question of taste and I agree that some of the runway waifs are way too thin.
    I do not think femulating in general is in any way demeaning to females. To the contrary, Immitation is a very sincere form of flattery.

  3. If Andrij Pejic can model feminine clothes at a men's fashion show (Jean Paul Gautier) and that practice continues of male models showing feminine clothes at men's fashion shows then it might get socially acceptable for men to wear dresses, heels, and makeup. We men would finally be liberated from the coat and tie "birdbreast" monotony.