Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Womanless Wednesday: 2010 Miss Fire Island

Flickr has 215 photos online from the 45th annual Miss Fire Island (NY) Pageant that occurred on September 11, 2010.

Thank you Aunty Marlena for this find!


  1. An interesting series of photos. I believe that this event on Fire Island is known as "The Invasion".
    Fire Island has long been a safe and popular refuge for gays.
    While we can quibble that gay men doing drag is different from hetero CDs, I take the position that most often any time a man is in a dress, hose, heels and makeup it is a good thing for all of us.
    I know many straight, conservative families who spend time on Fire Island in totally peaceful co-existance with the gay people who enjoy the beauty of the Fire Island beaches. Peaceful co-existance, shared interests (sun, sand, leisure, etc.) help all of us get along with everyone on a more regular basis. These straight, conservative folks, and their kids, come to accept the co-existance of gays, even drag.
    It is all good.

  2. She does look good! She has just a 'touch' of a drag look, but is really very beautiful ... DQs are our sisters!

  3. When I lived on the south shore of Long Island any years ago, the woman who did my hair used to do makeup/hair for some of the contestants. I kidded her about doing my makeup, and she was all for it, but I was deep in the closet then and never took advantage.

    I did let her perm my hair, and it stayed that way for a few years back in the 80s. I was never sure if I looked like Art Garfunkel or Woody Allen.

  4. Dear Pat Scales,

    I'm glad you posted the info about some conservative families co-existing with the large GLBT community on Fire Island. Your message shows that people can learn to accept others with different philosophical points of view. I am quite liberal, but I do not automatically disrespect, dislike, or hate very conservative people. I only have a problem with people who are very bigoted. Most of my friends are liberal and progressive, like me, but I do have some tolerant, rather conservative friends, as well. I find common ground with those friends, and we get along quite well. In the context of this lovely blog by Stana, it's good to read your post about conservative people accepting GLBT folks on Fire Island.