Sunday, February 20, 2011

Presidents' Day

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Searching the Internet for a US President-Femulate connection, I found this piece from the December 26, 1995 edition of Weekly World News about one of my favorite presidential personalities, Dick Nixon, and his penchant for wearing women's clothing.

The article reveals that the author of a book about Nixon claims that "he has iron-clad evidence that Nixon was a transvestite --- and he even has photographs to prove it!"

The photo of Nixon in drag that accompanies the article is real bad Photoshopping. Nixon's head is not in proportion to "his" body: his head is too small/his body too big.

Except for this article, there is no reference to the purported author of the book, Malcolm Tenniper, anywhere on the Internet. His surname is so rare that I cannot find one person in the USA with the same surname listed in any telephone directory.

In my humble opinion, the story is balderdash.


  1. The Weekly World News, published by the National Enquirer on its old B&W presses after the Enquirer went color, was always fake.

    Just ask BatBoy.

  2. Megan Fox Is A Man!

  3. I once saw a company that specialized in femulating people's photos femulate George W's photo... disturbingly he looked pretty good as one of us.

  4. I miss Bat Boy!!


  5. Happy pride month EVERYONE!